Helene Half-Elven of Weyvin - 3rd Edition D&D Pregenerated Character

I am currently in the planning stage for running a 3rd Edition (3.0) campaign set in Korovia, which will be a comedic fantasy, in contrast to some of my previous campaigns which focused on:

  • The Stone Age-Bronze Age Cusp
  • The Dark Ages
  • The War of the Usurper (Heroes)
  • The War of the Usurper (Time Paradox Survivors)

In order to facilitate comedic storytelling I have opted to use pregenerated characters during the comedic fantasy campaign, which will also be set during the War of the Usurper. Below are the stats for one of the characters who will be appearing in the comedic fantasy campaign.



Helene Half-Elven of Weyvin

3rd level Half-Elf Cleric of Metrequia, Neutral Good

  • Str 9
  • Dex 15
  • Con 13
  • Int 11
  • Wis 17
  • Chr 14

Physical Description - Helene is very short and very skinny, which is reflected in her low strength. She is 4'7" tall and 82 lbs. (Her height/weight varies a bit by Edition as it is literally the absolute smallest height/weight allowed by the edition for a female half-elf.) Her armour, weapons, shield and clothes are decorated with symbols of Metrequia, such that they also double as holy symbols.

Personality - Helene is obsessed with fashion / collecting clothes and her devotion to the silver moon goddess Metrequia, arguably in that order. She has a bubbly / talkative personality, but can also be serious and even a good leader when forced to be. (I modeled part of her personality from Quinn Morgendorfer from the TV show "Daria", so feel free to watch a few episodes of that to get a feel for her character.)

Background - Helene was raised by her half-elven parents in Weyvin, a port city where half-elves are relatively common. Both of her parents were scholars and academics, and as such she was expected to go into academia, but instead chose to join the priesthood of Metrequia.

Tactics - Helene sees herself as a dedicated healer and support to other characters, especially any characters who worship Metrequia, Valmaria or Belnark.

Hit Points - 9 per level (27)

Belongings of Note - Banded Mail, Steel Shield, Small Warhammer. She has a tendency to travel light.

Base Attack Bonus +2

Saving Throws

  • Fort +4
  • Ref +3
  • Will +6

Half-Elf Abilities - Immunity to Sleep spells, +2 vs Charm spells, Low Light Vision, Elven Alertness (+1 to spot, search, listen).

Cleric Abilities - Turn Undead, Divine Spellcasting, Domain Spells (Good and Healing).

Feats - Improved Shield Bash, Extra Turning.

Skills - Concentration, Diplomacy, Fashion Knowledge, Heal, Religion Knowledge.

Languages - Common (Korovian), Elvish.

Preferred Spells

0 (4 per day) - Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Light, Virtue.

1 (3+1) - Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Command, Protection from Evil.

2 (3+1) - Cure Moderate Wounds, Hold Person, Silence.


  • Starting Stats for All Characters - 17, 15, 14, 13, 11, 9.
  • All characters (and baddies) have Max Hit Points.

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