The Top Ten Worst Sean Connery Films

Ranking the 10 worst Sean Connery films is actually pretty tricky. He has so many awful movies that it was difficult to just list the top 10. It really should be the top 30 worst or top 40 worst. Nevertheless, I have endeavoured to narrow down the worst of the worst when it comes to Sean Connery films.

#1. Zardoz - 1974

I really don't even have to explain why this is the worst Sean Connery film. Anyone seeing film stills or the trailer will instantly know this one is automatically the worst.

#2. Finding Forrester - 2000

This film is basically just a poorly done remake of Good Will Hunting. All they really did is a few minor changes of scenery and plot and the names of characters, and it is basically the same film done with horrible actors like Sean Connery.

#3. Dragonheart - 1996

Sean Connery did the voice acting for the dragon. Because his own acting would have been horrible. The digital dragon was a better actor.

#4. The Avengers - 1998

Sean Connery plays the Scottish villain in this homage to the TV show, which sadly didn't live up to the TV show and ended up being horrible in almost every way.

#5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 2003

Sean Connery is really only in this film because he is Sean Connery and they wanted a big name actor in it. It was a pay-cheque.

#6. Highlander II: The Quickening - 1991

Oh look, his character is alive, again. Lame. More of Sean Connery talking.

#7. Entrapment - 1999

Sean Connery with a much younger actress, trying not to drool or appear misogynistic. No wait, he fails.

#8. Family Business - 1989

This movie is so horrible it isn't even memorable.

#9. First Knight - 1995

Sean Connery in a supporting role as King Arthur, while Lancelot is the main actor. Fortunately we do get to see Connery die.

Honourable Mentions for Sheer Horribleness

Meteor - 1979

Medicine Man - 1992

Just Cause - 1995

#10. Robin and Marian

This is quite possibly the worst adaptation of Robin Hood ever made. Check out the movie trailer below. It is so bad even the trailer looks horrible.

Where to download AD&D PDFs for Free?

Finding books, modules, etc from old 1st Edition / 2nd Edition AD&D games can be quite tricky sometimes so many of us gamers resort to downloading the PDF version of the book / module. The original books were published in the 1970s, 1980s and early to mid 1990s. Thus, decades later finding a hard copy of many of these books is sometimes tricky.

Many people prefer to have an actual print copy whenever they can be found, especially if it is an important book they intend on using regularly. If there is only one thing in the book they need however many people justify downloading a PDF on the basis of not wanting to buy a whole book when all they need is the stats for that one item.

It is possible to sometimes finding old school gaming books on eBay or via websites like or Sometimes the older books are even re-released with new covers, but with the original artwork on the inside.

Speaking for myself, I like reading adventure modules and then modifying them / borrowing ideas from them to suit my own game - which is set in the bronze age and I often have to adjust the availability of armour, weapons, magical items that are available during that point in the timeline. I also often swap out certain monsters or traps I feel are unsuitable or don't fit the genre / don't match the level of technology available. Thus for me PDFs are really a source of inspiration.

Below are several websites useful when downloading PDFs.

[Updated December 2016]

1st / 2nd Edition Edition AD&D Adventure Modules / Books

Homebrew Adventure Modules (Fan Made PDFs)

1st Edition AD&D Core Rulebooks

1st Edition AD&D Accessories

Dragon Magazines

Dungeon Magazines (Adventure Modules)

2nd Edition AD&D Rulebooks

2nd Edition Online Monster Manual

1st / 2nd Edition Errata and Reference Guides (+ A Few Modules, Maps and Essays)

Unsorted 1st / 2nd Edition Books / Modules

1st Edition Wizard, Priest, Druid and Illusionist Spells
(Added March 12th 2016.)

2nd Edition Wizard and Priest Spells


83 Free Wizards of the Coast 4th Edition Adventure Modules*
* You would need to convert them to 1st / 2nd Edition, but hey, free is free.

Free 5th Edition Materials / Adventures
5e Basic Rules for Players
5e Basic Rules for DM
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Online Supplement
Rise of Tiamat Online Supplement
Elemental Evil Player's Companion
Adventurer's League Player's Guide, Tyranny of Dragons
Adventurer's League Player's Guide, Elemenatl Evil Edition
Unearthed Arcana: Eberron
Unearthed Arcana: When Armies Clash (BattleSystem 5E)
Murder at Baldur's Gate
Legacy of the Crystal Shard

If you know of other websites that host PDFs for 1st or 2nd Edition AD&D please post the URL (not a spammy link!) in the comments below. You will note that none of the above list actually link to the pages in question. We don't want any outgoing links. Any comments containing links be considered spam. Only post the URL, don't link to it.

I may from time to time add links to 3rd, 4th and 5th edition items - like the Free 5th Edition "Basic Rules" listed above.

If any of the above links no longer work, please leave a comment below and I shall update the link(s) with new ones that do work.

Cthulhu Inspired Cupcakes

How to make lots of platinum on DDO by playing a beggar

Do you play DDO? Want to know how to make lots of platinum in a hurry with minimal work?

Make a character with the starter rags from Korthos Island and call them "Esmerelda the Beggar" or something like that. Then hang around in locations where lots of wealthy high level characters frequent (like auctions, the Epic Trainer, entrances to high level quests, etc).

Then do the following:

Type /beg or /kneel and ask high level characters the following:

"Alms for the poor milord? or Alms for the poor milady?"

If they are confused what you are asking for copy/paste the following:

"Donations milord, for a poor humble healer."

If they ask how much, copy/paste the following:

"Anything you can spare milord. May the goddess of luck shine on you for your generosity."

Or even:

"Any donations, however small and insignificant, is a boon to one such as I. Wands of healing are not cheap but I do try and help those I can."

Once they have transferred you some platinum remember to thank them.

"May the gods bless you and keep you safe."


"Most generous milord. I shall pray for your wellbeing."

If they say they are too poor to give donations away (which is obviously a lie, since high level characters often have millions of plat available) then copy/paste the following:

"May the gods bless you for your honesty and charity."

Roleplaying a beggar also means you can fun asking your teammates for donations too.

Other fun things to do...

Play a professional dancer and spend a lot of time typing /dance or /dance2

Other fun things you can do with Emotes on DDO:

angry- This emote causes you to become angry.
beckon- This emote causes you to beckon.
beg- This emote causes you to beg.
bow- This emote causes you to bow.
cheer- This emote causes you to cheer.
cheer2- This emote causes you to cheer.
clap- This emote causes you to clap.
cower- This emote causes you to cower.
cry- This emote causes you to cry.
dance- This emote causes you to dance.
dance2- This emote causes you to dance.
eat- This emote causes you to eat.
flex- This emote causes you to flex.
gather- This emote causes you to ask everyone to gather round you.
groan- This emote causes you to groan.
grovel- This emote causes you to grovel.
hug- This emote causes you to hug.
kiss- This emote causes you to kiss.
kneel- This emote causes you to kneel.
LFH- This emote causes you to look for ham.
LFB- This emote causes you to look for broccoli.
laugh- This emote causes you to laugh.
no- This emote causes you to no.
nod- This emote causes you to nod.
point- This emote causes you to point.
poke- This emote causes you to poke.
runaway- This emote causes you to ask everyone to runaway round you.
salute- This emote causes you to salute.
shakehead- This emote causes you to shake your head.
sheathe- This emote causes you to sheathe your weapons.
show- This emote causes you to show.
shrug- This emote causes you to shrug.
sigh- This emote causes you to sigh.
sit- This emote causes you to sit.
sleep- This emote causes you to sleep.
stop- This emote causes you to tell your party to stop.
taunt- This emote causes you to taunt.
wait- This emote causes you to wait.
wave- This emote causes you to wave.
yes- This emote causes you to yes.
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