The Top Ten Worst Sean Connery Films

Ranking the 10 worst Sean Connery films is actually pretty tricky. He has so many awful movies that it was difficult to just list the top 10. It really should be the top 30 worst or top 40 worst. Nevertheless, I have endeavoured to narrow down the worst of the worst when it comes to Sean Connery films.

#1. Zardoz - 1974

I really don't even have to explain why this is the worst Sean Connery film. Anyone seeing film stills or the trailer will instantly know this one is automatically the worst.

#2. Finding Forrester - 2000

This film is basically just a poorly done remake of Good Will Hunting. All they really did is a few minor changes of scenery and plot and the names of characters, and it is basically the same film done with horrible actors like Sean Connery.

#3. Dragonheart - 1996

Sean Connery did the voice acting for the dragon. Because his own acting would have been horrible. The digital dragon was a better actor.

#4. The Avengers - 1998

Sean Connery plays the Scottish villain in this homage to the TV show, which sadly didn't live up to the TV show and ended up being horrible in almost every way.

#5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 2003

Sean Connery is really only in this film because he is Sean Connery and they wanted a big name actor in it. It was a pay-cheque.

#6. Highlander II: The Quickening - 1991

Oh look, his character is alive, again. Lame. More of Sean Connery talking.

#7. Entrapment - 1999

Sean Connery with a much younger actress, trying not to drool or appear misogynistic. No wait, he fails.

#8. Family Business - 1989

This movie is so horrible it isn't even memorable.

#9. First Knight - 1995

Sean Connery in a supporting role as King Arthur, while Lancelot is the main actor. Fortunately we do get to see Connery die.

Honourable Mentions for Sheer Horribleness

Meteor - 1979

Medicine Man - 1992

Just Cause - 1995

#10. Robin and Marian

This is quite possibly the worst adaptation of Robin Hood ever made. Check out the movie trailer below. It is so bad even the trailer looks horrible.

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