Nerdcore Vs Nerdovore

On a regular basis, usually when on my cellphone or tablet, I google the word Nerdovore in order to find a specific page on so I can show a friend.

Unfortunately what google responds with is:

Did you mean: nerdcore

And that REALLY annoys me.

First of all, I didn't type in nerdcore. I typed in Nerdovore. There isn't a typo. And there is a O between the nerd and the vore. And while it may sound similar, it is clearly something different.

Nerdcore in case you are wondering is a nerd version of hip hop / rap in which singers make funny songs about Star Wars, roleplaying games, Japanese anime, Game of Thrones, and other nerdy pop culture topics. It is creative, that much is true, but it isn't really Nerd Culture at its best.

If anything, nerdcore is embarrassingly bad.

And I say bad because the people who do nerdcore are not known to get recording contracts or to be taken seriously within the music industry. As a genre they are marketing to a tiny audience of nerds who like hip hop / rap, AND who appreciate nerdcore.

Which most nerds do not. In fact, most nerds make fun of other nerds who enjoy nerdcore. It is that bad.

Often it isn't even original songs either. Sometimes it is just re-using melodies from pop culture songs and setting them to a hip hop beat, but hey there isn't a lot of original melodies these days anyway. Or in the case of Nerdcore Star Wars, it sometimes involves reusing Star Wars music.

And while they are at it, the same type of people who Nerdcore Star Wars are often the same kind of people who like episodes I, II and III of Star Wars...

Which is basically blasphemy.

So yeah not only am I annoyed that Nerdcore keeps coming up during Google searches, I have to put up with the annoyance that Nerdcore is horribly bad and attracts the kind of nerds who think Star Wars Episode I was a good movie.


There is also something called Nerdcore E Juice.

It is for people who are into electronic cigarettes / smoking "vapes".

Which I struggle to imagine the market they are aiming to sell to... Nerds who like smoking vapours? Really? That is a really niche market limited to a tiny audience!

And they chose the name Nerdcore as their brand name to sell it? As if that was a smart business choice.

I even found a review on YouTube of some loser trying out Nerdcore E Juice. Overweight bald guy with too much facial hair.


So not only do I have to content with Nerdcore being horribly bad music (with equally bad fans), but also have to contend with idiots who like smoking vapes for some silly reason.

Oh and then there is the issue that Nerdcore musicians are typically white men in their 30s or 40s. A few Asians, but mostly white. Not a lot of women willing to embarrass themselves like that and apparently have better things to do with their creativity.

Idiots like this guy below. Enough said.

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