Take a sip (or bite of your Chocolate Easter Bunny) every time...

    Rick lectures someone

    Rick has a private conversation and whispers from the side of his mouth

    Andrea believes a lie the Governor tells her

    Someone is almost killed but is then miraculously saved at the last second

    Anyone refers to a zombie as anything other than a zombie (e.g., "walker" or "geek")

    They stumble upon a zombie collection (like someone's entire family in the barn or a daughter locked up somewhere)

    You see Lori


Take TWO drinks every time The Walking Dead feels a bit like propaganda for Christianity.

True, Funny or Both? Funny Party Game

Funny Party Game - True, Funny or Both?

Created by Charles Moffat

Hello! My name is Charles Moffat and I have invented a party game I have temporarily dubbed "True, Funny or Both". The good news is that this game only requires pens and paper and a group of close friends to play with. There is theoretically no limit on how many people can play at the same time, although 4 to 10 players is a good range.

Makes a great Pen and Paper Game if you don't have any other boardgames or a deck of cards handy.

Also great for road trips with friends.


1. Each game consists of 1 round for each player. It doesn't matter who starts, but when in doubt just start alphabetically by last name.

2. The game continues until every player has had a round and then all scores are added up and there is announced a winner.

3. Points awarded for a variety of different things and players can introduce new optional rules when they have learned how to play the game and get ideas on how to modify it.

4. Each round starts with the player whose turn it is makes up a question for the round. The question should be designed and phrased so that it will illicit funny answers to the question. eg. "Where were you when you discovered masturbation?" Evidently, this is not a game to play around your parents. Its best with friends so your parents don't have a heart attack laughing or from embarrassment.

5. After the round question each player writes down a short answer to the question, which may be true, funny but false or both true and funny. For example the answer to the question above might be "Christian Bible Camp", which is both funny and possibly true. Once everyone has their answer written down each player, starting with the person who asked the question, reads their answer out loud. The other players then individually vote on whether that answer was True, Funny or Both.

6. The players, starting with the person who asked the question, then say whether the answer they gave was True, Funny or Both. Each player who guessed correctly gets 1 point.

7. The round is then finished and the next person (typically to the left) takes a turn asking a question and the game continues with a new round.

8. After everyone has had a turn all the points are added up.

9. Optional Rule #1. The person with the best True answer can be awarded 3 bonus points, as voted by the players. In the event of two or three-way tie, the tie-winners get 1 point each. No additional points for a 4 or more person tie.

10. Optional Rule #2. The person with the best Funny answer can be awarded 3 bonus points, as voted by the players. Same rules as above for ties.

11. Optional Rule #3. The person with the best Both answer can be awarded 3 bonus points, as voted by the players. Same rules as above for ties.

12. Add all points and bonus points up. Whoever has the most is declared the winner. Tickle them because they deserve it.


More Optional Rules...

1. If this is a Drinking Game, take a drink each time you score a point.

2. Award 3 bonus points to the person who had the best Question, as voted by the players. Same rules for ties.

3. In the event of a tie, the two tie-winners must Thumb Wrestle (best two out of three) to see who is the real winner.

Game of Thrones Season Three Trailer

Oooooo! I can't wait for season three - especially the season three finale! :)
Publishing a fantasy book? Make sure you get a professional fantasy book editor.

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