George R. R. Martin delays Winds of Winter release date

George R. R. Martin has released a list of excuses for why he keeps delaying the release date of his upcoming book "The Winds of Winter"...

#1. My dog ate the manuscript.
#2. I am addicted to book signings and slutty fans.
#3. People keep offering me free trips to Dubai.
#4. Too busy LARPing.
#5. Triple bypass surgery.
#6. Fad dieting combined with binge eating.
#7. Too busy sending hatemail to J.K. Rowling.
#8. Too busy spending my oodles of money.
#9. I keep changing my mind about which characters to kill off.
#10. Ummm... I lost my notes and I don't remember how the ending goes so I keep procrastinating about it...

Seriously. George R. R. Martin will probably die of a heart attack and his books will be finished by a ghost writer... In which case, why doesn't he just give whatever notes he has to a ghost writer and let them finish it?

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