The Toronto Escalator Rules

I thought this was funny and decided to share it. It isn't really a nerd topic, but it is amusing.

Toronto has a lot of rules about how to ride the escalators. If you don't follow them Torontonians get really angry about it.

I also find it funny that it reads a bit like a code of chivalry. Pregnant women, elderly and disabled persons are exempt from the rules... and it admonishes people who are in a hurry and get in the way of everyone else when they don't follow the rules.

In addition the start bit sounds a bit like the lines from Fight Club - and that is always humourous.

Pompeii - February 21st

Seriously. February 21st?

One week after Valentines???

Stupidity. Sheer stupidity.

They should have released Pompeii on Valentines Day. That would have been smart. It is a love story / action film / disaster film - it has all the elements you want in a good Valentines Day film.

*shakes head in disbelief*

Dungeons and Dragons Valentines

Game of Thrones - On the Set

Gives you a real idea of how such a big production Game of Thrones is.

Funny Video of Joffrey being slapped

Keep slapping him, oh yeah, keep slapping Joffrey more. We like seeing him slapped. :)

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailers and commentary

First, the trailers and previews for Season 4 of Game of Thrones...

More trailers and previews are coming - but what they do show is that season 4 of Game of Thrones will be...

The most action packed.

The most anticipated.

The most dragons.

The best yet.

And what is even more amazing, is if you know what is coming because you read the books. Huzzah! We cannot wait! ;)

Even More Maps of Westeros

Or explore our wide selection of fantasy maps.

Study Archery in Toronto

So you want to study archery, but you are having difficulty finding an archery instructor who is local. However there is a solution. If you are willing to travel you can take a crash course in archery in Toronto, Canada. 10 lessons over a two week period will take you from archery novice to an experienced and capable archer.

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