Sean Connery is a ham actor

Sean Connery has good looks.

Sean Connery has an attractive accent.

But he isn't particularly good at acting. He never took any actual acting lessons. And while he has many fans he actually is not that good of an actor.

In contrast let's take a different actor like Kirk Douglas. The star of many films including Spartacus. He's a career actor with many films to his name. Just as many as Sean Connery.

He doesn't just look good in front of the camera, he has actual acting skill. And he doesn't need an accent to prop up his career.

If you want to compare this even more let's compare their children. Sean Connery's son acts in various B movies. You probably don't even know his name.

Kirk Douglas's son is Michael Douglas and famous all on his own for his acting skill. (And good looks.)

Sean Connery's real claim to fame is being the first James Bond. But he isn't the best James Bond. Many fans agree that Roger Moore is the best James Bond. Why? It is because Roger Moore has actual acting skill. Whereas some people just like Sean Connery, but they're really just attracted to his name and his looks.

Can you name a movie with Sean Connery in it in which he shows off his acting skills? The kind of performance that gets you an Oscar nomination.

Hint: It is for his role in The Untouchables. And it wasn't for Best Actor. It was for Best Supporting Actor. Which is a bit like winning "Best Second Fiddle".

And that is best award that Sean Connery has ever won. Mostly because his acting skill is negligible.

In contrast lets look at the lengthy career of Kirk Douglas... who began acting in 1942 and starred in many Film Noir films during the 1950s and continued to act well into the 1990s and even the 2000s. (Sean Connery stopped acting in 2003 after his horrible performance in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... another ham role.)

Kirk Douglas has also been nominated and won Best Actor for his various roles - spanning a film career of 70 years!

And he's still alive and kicking. His last films were in 2010.

Meanwhile Sean Connery has retired from public life and according to the rumours is now "completely gaga" as Alzheimers has set in and melted his brain to mush.

So I think it is pretty safe to say who is the better actor.

And while we are at it lets not forget Roger Moore - who has been acting from 1945 to present. Playing such roles as Maverick, Ivanhoe, The Saint, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond.

Here is more photos of Sean Connery and Kirk Douglas.

Above: A recent photo of Sean Connery in 2013.

Below: Proof that Sean Connery lacked some sense when picking roles.

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  1. How about go and watch The Man Who Would Be King, In the Name of the Rose, Russia House, The Hill, and many of his 70s films (excluding Zardoz and Diamonds Are Forever) wherein he put forth immense effort to absolve himself from the James Bond attachment?


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