What are the most popular indie published fantasy books?

Indie-published fantasy books have gained significant popularity in recent years, thanks to the rise of self-publishing platforms and independent authors finding success outside of traditional publishing houses. While popularity can vary over time, here are some highly acclaimed and popular indie-published fantasy books:

  1. "The Wandering Inn" by Pirateaba: This web serial turned self-published novel follows the adventures of Erin Solstice, a young woman who finds herself transported to a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. It has gained a large and dedicated online following.

  2. "Sufficiently Advanced Magic" by Andrew Rowe: This LitRPG novel follows protagonist Corin Cadence as he enters a magical tower to find his missing brother. It blends fantasy and video game mechanics, attracting a wide readership.

  3. "Cradle" series by Will Wight: This popular self-published series follows the journey of Lindon as he strives to cultivate his powers in a world filled with martial arts and mystical abilities. It has gained a significant fanbase for its fast-paced action and intricate world-building.

  4. "Arcane Ascension" series by Andrew Rowe: Set in the same universe as "Sufficiently Advanced Magic," this series follows protagonist Corin Cadence as he attends a magical academy and uncovers mysteries surrounding his past. It combines magical schools, dungeon diving, and intricate magic systems.

  5. "The Divine Dungeon" series by Dakota Krout: This LitRPG series explores the story of Cal, a sentient dungeon core, as he seeks to grow stronger and protect his territory. It blends dungeon building, fantasy elements, and humorous moments.

  6. "Mage Errant" series by John Bierce: This coming-of-age fantasy series follows the journey of Hugh of Emblin as he attends a magical academy and faces various challenges. It offers a mix of magic, adventure, and character development.

  7. "The Dark Profit Saga" series by J. Zachary Pike: This comedic fantasy series features the adventures of a con artist goblin named Gorm as he navigates a world filled with danger, humor, and political intrigue. It has garnered a following for its witty writing and entertaining plot.

  8. "The Chronicles of the Black Gate" series by Phil Tucker: This epic fantasy series follows the story of Narashtovik, a disgraced knight, as he becomes embroiled in a conflict that could change the fate of the world. It offers a gritty and immersive fantasy world.

  9. "The Cycle of Arawn" series by Edward W. Robertson: This dark fantasy series chronicles the journey of Dante, a young mage, as he discovers his powers and faces the challenges of a war-torn world. It combines elements of magic, adventure, and morally complex characters.

  10. "The Bowl of Souls" series by Trevor H. Cooley: This series follows various characters with unique powers and abilities as they navigate a world filled with monsters, magic, and epic battles. It has gained popularity for its engaging characters and action-packed storytelling.

Nerd Music: From Filk to Nerdcore, Exploring Geeky Tunes

Music has long been a powerful medium for expressing emotions, telling stories, and bringing people together. For nerds and geeks, music offers a way to celebrate their passions, dive deeper into their fandoms, and connect with like-minded individuals. In this blog post, we delve into the world of nerd music, exploring genres such as filk and nerdcore, and uncovering the diverse range of geeky tunes that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

  1. Filk: Music of Fandoms and Folklore:

Filk music originated in science fiction and fantasy fandoms, encompassing songs inspired by literature, movies, TV shows, and gaming. Filk songs often have a folk or acoustic sound and explore themes related to speculative fiction, space exploration, and fandom culture. Filk gatherings and conventions provide a space for fans to share their own compositions and celebrate the rich tradition of filk music.

  1. Nerdcore: Hip-Hop for Geeks:

Nerdcore is a genre that blends hip-hop with geek culture, embracing topics such as gaming, technology, comic books, and nerd lifestyle. Nerdcore artists often incorporate witty wordplay, references to fandoms, and social commentary into their lyrics. From MC Frontalot to Mega Ran, nerdcore artists have gained a dedicated following, showcasing their unique perspective through clever rhymes and infectious beats.

  1. Video Game Music (VGM):

Video game music has evolved into a genre of its own, with dedicated fan communities celebrating the memorable tunes from their favorite games. From the iconic melodies of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to the epic soundscapes of Final Fantasy and Halo, video game music captivates listeners and transports them back to the immersive worlds of gaming.

  1. Geek Rock and Pop:

Geek rock and pop encompass a wide range of musical styles that celebrate geek culture. Artists like They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, and The Doubleclicks infuse their songs with humor, pop culture references, and clever lyrics that resonate with nerdy audiences. These catchy tunes explore topics such as love of science, quirky fandoms, and the humorous aspects of geek life.

  1. Tribute Bands and Cover Artists:

Tribute bands and cover artists pay homage to popular nerdy franchises through their music. From orchestral renditions of movie soundtracks to rock bands performing songs inspired by beloved TV shows, these musicians bring the magic of fandom to life on stage. Tribute bands dedicated to bands like The Beatles, Queen, or Led Zeppelin may even infuse their performances with a nerdy twist.

  1. Internet Culture and Parodies:

The rise of the internet has paved the way for countless geeky musical parodies and original compositions. YouTube channels and online communities are teeming with fan-made songs that parody popular hits, add nerdy lyrics to existing tunes, or create entirely new compositions inspired by geek culture. These creations allow fans to express their love for specific fandoms while showcasing their musical talents.


Nerd music spans a diverse range of genres and styles, offering nerds and geeks a melodic avenue to express their passions, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and celebrate the geek culture that unites them. From the folk-inspired melodies of filk to the energetic beats of nerdcore, and the captivating soundtracks of video games, there is a wealth of geeky tunes waiting to be explored. So, turn up the volume, immerse yourself in the nerdy melodies, and let the music transport you to the worlds of your favorite fandoms.

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