What are the most popular indie published fantasy books?

Indie-published fantasy books have gained significant popularity in recent years, thanks to the rise of self-publishing platforms and independent authors finding success outside of traditional publishing houses. While popularity can vary over time, here are some highly acclaimed and popular indie-published fantasy books:

  1. "The Wandering Inn" by Pirateaba: This web serial turned self-published novel follows the adventures of Erin Solstice, a young woman who finds herself transported to a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. It has gained a large and dedicated online following.

  2. "Sufficiently Advanced Magic" by Andrew Rowe: This LitRPG novel follows protagonist Corin Cadence as he enters a magical tower to find his missing brother. It blends fantasy and video game mechanics, attracting a wide readership.

  3. "Cradle" series by Will Wight: This popular self-published series follows the journey of Lindon as he strives to cultivate his powers in a world filled with martial arts and mystical abilities. It has gained a significant fanbase for its fast-paced action and intricate world-building.

  4. "Arcane Ascension" series by Andrew Rowe: Set in the same universe as "Sufficiently Advanced Magic," this series follows protagonist Corin Cadence as he attends a magical academy and uncovers mysteries surrounding his past. It combines magical schools, dungeon diving, and intricate magic systems.

  5. "The Divine Dungeon" series by Dakota Krout: This LitRPG series explores the story of Cal, a sentient dungeon core, as he seeks to grow stronger and protect his territory. It blends dungeon building, fantasy elements, and humorous moments.

  6. "Mage Errant" series by John Bierce: This coming-of-age fantasy series follows the journey of Hugh of Emblin as he attends a magical academy and faces various challenges. It offers a mix of magic, adventure, and character development.

  7. "The Dark Profit Saga" series by J. Zachary Pike: This comedic fantasy series features the adventures of a con artist goblin named Gorm as he navigates a world filled with danger, humor, and political intrigue. It has garnered a following for its witty writing and entertaining plot.

  8. "The Chronicles of the Black Gate" series by Phil Tucker: This epic fantasy series follows the story of Narashtovik, a disgraced knight, as he becomes embroiled in a conflict that could change the fate of the world. It offers a gritty and immersive fantasy world.

  9. "The Cycle of Arawn" series by Edward W. Robertson: This dark fantasy series chronicles the journey of Dante, a young mage, as he discovers his powers and faces the challenges of a war-torn world. It combines elements of magic, adventure, and morally complex characters.

  10. "The Bowl of Souls" series by Trevor H. Cooley: This series follows various characters with unique powers and abilities as they navigate a world filled with monsters, magic, and epic battles. It has gained popularity for its engaging characters and action-packed storytelling.

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