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"Hall of the Mountain King" by Savatage


"Hall Of The Mountain King"

Far away
In a land caught between
Time and space
Where the books of life lay
We fear
This castle of stone
The mountain king roams
All alone in here
But he's not the only one
Lost inside
Forever hidden from the sun

Madness reigns
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah

His deep
Dark eyes
Keep watch on his kingdom
And the mysteries that sleeps safe inside
His hall
His towers of stone
Shall not be overthrown
For eternity
It is guarded by the king
Insanity and the power that it brings

Madness reigns
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Come with me
Stay close by my side
As the darkness of night closes in
Don't fear
In the thunder, it roars
When the Mountain King calls all his children home
To where I hid him we must run
Refuge(?) here but I was forever on the run

Madness reigns
(my friends)
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Maps of Earthsea

Maps of Earthsea

Maps of Dune

Maps of Dune

Wheel of Time Maps

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Maps

Map of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth World

Map of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth World

Map of Roshar, from the Stormlight Archive

Roshar is a fantasy world created by American author Brandon Sanderson, and first appeared in 2010 with the publication of the first book of what will be a 10 book series similar to Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series.

I say "similar" because since Robert Jordan's death in 2007, the ending of the Wheel of Time series went to Brandon Sanderson who finished writing the last three volumes of the series.

Map of the Mental States

Map of the Mental States

Okay, not technically a "fantasy map", but it is an amusing map about different mental states, feelings and abstract thoughts. Almost like a map of the human brain.

The History of Batman Using Guns

You might think that Batman never uses guns (in the same way you might think Green Arrow never uses guns), but you would be wrong in both cases.

The first case is when Batman uses a gun in Detective #32, during which he shoots vampires with silver bullets.

And you might think, wait, that was a long time ago. Certainly things have changed since then, right? But at you will see below in comics spanning the decades, the quality of the drawings may have improved but Batman is still using guns when he feels like it.

Basically there is no consistency or rule that Batman does not and cannot use guns. The examples above are just samples compared to the hundreds of examples of Batman using guns throughout the decades.

Thus when you see Batman using a special anti-alien gun in the Batman Vs Superman trailers, it really is nothing new by Batman's standards. Batman has been using guns from the beginning, continues to use them regularly, and relies on them when he feels there is no other option.

Although seriously, why not use kryptonite arrowsheads instead of kryptonite bullets. Batman with a bow... now we're talking!

Publishing a fantasy book? Make sure you get a professional fantasy book editor.

Study Archery in Toronto

So you want to study archery, but you are having difficulty finding an archery instructor who is local. However there is a solution. If you are willing to travel you can take a crash course in archery in Toronto, Canada. 10 lessons over a two week period will take you from archery novice to an experienced and capable archer.

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