List of Fantasy Book Reviewers

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A friend sent me this list (see below) of people who do fantasy book reviews. I might use it in the future, but for now I thought I would share it as it does look like an useful list that other fantasy writers (and readers) might use.

I assume that some of these reviewers are free and that some charge a fee for their services. I have no idea which is which. You would need to contact them to find out.

The various reviewers have their different preferred methods of being contacted, and the list is organized by their preferred method: Email, Twitter, Site Form.

If you know of other fantasy book reviewers, please post them in the comments section.



Maria Harrison
Stephanie Pomfrett
Satthiya Kandi
James R. Schmidt  
Kerry Parsons  
Susan Keefe
Fantasy Book Review
B.B. Morgan
Jason P Crawford 
Big Al
Courtney Dion
Andi and Melanie
David J Garrett
Amanda-Elizabeth Abend
Elena Linville
Jim McCoy
British Fantasy Society
Fantasy Book Cafe
The Bewitched Reader
Queen of Books
Way Too Fantasy
Nadaness in Motion
Jeyran Main
Bookshine and Readbows
Rather Too Fond of Books
Functionally Fictional
Jessica Belmont
Lauren Reading Writing and Me
Luna’s Little Library
Claire Knight
Lizzie Manning
Sam Sattler


  1. Lys
  2. Rae


  1. Alysa
  2. Kayleigh
  3. TheGirlOnTheGo
  4. Colleen Chesebro
  5. John Mendez
  6. Alice
  7. Jessica
  8. Russell J Fellows
  9. Nell and Ivana
  10. Barbara
  11. A. Aaron
  12. Charlotte Maidment
  13. Evelyn Rainey
  14. JC Steel
  15. Allie Summer
  16. Various
  17. Brogan
  18. Derek Edgington
  19. Charlotte Maidment
  20. Barb Taub
  21. Bob Milne
  22. Dawn West
  23. CE Clayton
  24. Jacob Rundle
  25. The Fantasy Hive
  26. Fantasy Faction
  27. Readers Favorite
  28. SFF World
  29. Best Fantasy Book Series
  30. The Genre Minx
  31. Chris Pridmore
  32. The Strawberry Post
  33. The Most Sublime
  34. GripLitGirl
  35. Unseen Library
  36. Scary Mary
  37. Rose Point
  38. Book Fetish Site
  39. Allisa White
  40. Laura Buckley
  41. The Caffeinated Reader
  42. GirlMeetsBooks
  43. Sarah Lillian
  44. Bookish Whispers (Kayla)
  45. Amanda Christina
  46. On My Bookshelf
  47. Bibi
  48. Abigail
  49. Herminia
  50. Emma SCR
  51. Tasha and Megan
  52. Darlene
  53. Umut
  54. Hold Up In A Book
  55. Elizabeth – Booktube
  56. April Grace – Booktube
  57. Cal Turner
  58. Clair
  59. Anniek
  60. Celthric
  61. Wendy
  62. Christi
  63. Mehsi
  64. Whiskey Witt
  65. Verushka
  66. Ashley Bookish Realm

Jean Grey is a Horrible Character and Hollywood is Clueless

After the failure of X3 I would have thought scriptwriters in Hollywood would have learned their lesson: Jean Grey is kind of a boring character because her personality is so flat.

But no, they decided to try again for another film, following the same idiotic formula wherein she remains a flat 2-dimensional character.

So much emphasis is placed on her powers and her love interest(s), they always forget to develop her personality.

Oh and the producers... they conveniently forget about other female characters like Rogue who were historically more popular. Rogue was the focus of the very first X-Men film, but since then has been cut out despite being a fan favourite amongst comic book fans. Jean as a character was never particularly popular. The phoenix force was basically a crutch to make her character more interesting. You see this regularly with YA fiction... whenever a character is too boring writers just give the character a special ability to make them more interesting.
It is the reason why you see OP (over-powered) characters so much in the genre. The character is boring so the solution is to make them OP.

Oh and to give them a love triangle. Back in X3 it was the Jean-Scott-Wolverine love triangle that they tried to use, but they did a disappearing act on Scott early in the film so the love triangle bit became more one sided and fell flat.

So without the love triangle crutch and the dark phoenix crutch, what does Jean Grey have going for her? What is her personality? How does she grow as a character? Sadly her character is flat and there isn't much character growth, so is there any surprise the new Dark Phoenix film falls flat in the box office?
Dark Phoenix's Domestic Total as of Jun. 11, 2019: $39,190,534. Foreign: $103,743,621.

So $142,934,155... On a film that cost over $200 million to make. They are going to be lucky if they break even.

I am not surprised. It is the same shoddy writing they keep making to suck in teenagers, not realizing that the fans of the X-Men are mostly people in their 30s-40s-50s who grew up with the comic books.

So the producers have made a second error. They have forgotten who their real audience is. They should not be targeting teenagers. They should be targeting people in their 30s to 50s. This effects both how to write the story as a more mature story, but also how to market it to a specific audience.

Yes, X-Men is primarily about teenagers... but the fans of the X-Men are older. Younger audiences (teens and young adults) don't care about X-Men as much. The younger audience has already moved on to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and when competing against the MCU Avengers it is pretty obvious who is going to win.

Solution? This film might be the final nail in the coffin for the Fox owned X-Men Franchise... but there is good news. Disney bought them out. The whole franchise can be rebooted within the MCU five years from now. (We might finally get to see Wolverine and the Hulk working as a team.)
Hot Tip for any future actresses being asked to portray Jean Grey. Your contract should specifically state that there is no way in hell you will appear in any film portraying a 3rd version of Dark Phoenix. Hollywood should just give it a rest. The character is a flop regardless of whether you put a former Bond Girl in the role or whether you hire a former Game of Thrones star.
Publishing a fantasy book? Make sure you get a professional fantasy book editor.

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