Four Maps of the World of Belgariad and Mallorean

 The world of David Eddings' books series the Belgariad and Mallorean was set in the following world.

I read the books back during the 1990s and to be honest I am tempted to read them over again. However if I did so I seem to recall that David Eddings wrote his books in the PRESENT tense. I find reading in the present tense to be really annoying most of the time. It isn't so bad for action scenes, but when it comes to regular scenes and descriptions it is very annoying to read.

Plus we are talking about 10 books, 2 series of 5 books each, all written in the present tense. That is a big commitment if you hate reading books written in the present tense.

Don't get me wrong, I remember enjoying the book series, but I am not sure I could commit to reading it over again knowing it is written in such a manner.


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