Fantasy Map of Orïsha + the Clans of Orïsha

There aren't a lot of maps of Orïsha available out there. Above is the official map you will find in the books by Tomi Adeyemi: Children of Blood and Bone, and Children of Vengeance and Virtue.

Fan made maps of Orïsha don't really exist, not yet. However there is a map of the largest city: Lagos.

Lagos is the largest city in the fictional kingdom of Orïsha, but it is based on the real life Nigerian city of Lagos, which with a population of 15 million people is the largest city in Africa. Nigeria is also the richest country in Africa, so Lagos is basically the equivalent of New York City.

Except NYC only has a population of 8.4 million... Which means Lagos is almost twice the size of NYC. The entire state of New York only has 19.4 million people, versus Nigeria which has a population 201 million.

So Tomi Adeyemi based her fictional version of Lagos on the real life Lagos, but she isn't the only author doing this. Charles Moffat's "The Quorum of Kaŝe" duology is also set in and near Lagos, with much of the action taking place on the fictional hidden island of Kaŝe which is just off the coast from Lagos.

With more authors writing AfroFantasy these days you can expect many more books being set in Lagos (both real and fictional versions of Lagos) in the future.

Back on topic...

Within the continent of Orïsha there are also ten clans. They are the following:

Reaper- The Maji of Life and Death

This Maji, which hails from the Ikú clan, can access and manipulate the spirits of the living and the dead. Their associated deity is Oya.

Connector - The Maji of Mind, Spirit and Dreams

A Connector - from the Èèmí clan - can read minds and tap into the dreams and consciousness of others. Their associated deity is Orí.

Tider - The Maji of Water

Tiders of the Omi Clan can manipulate water and ice, moving and shaping its natural form. Their associated deity is Yemoja.

Burner - The Maji of Fire

A Burner, the Maji of the Iná, can summon and control the element of fire. Their associated deity is Sàngó.

Winder - The Maji of Air

Hailing from the Aféfé clan, Winders can control the air and change the course of the wind. Their associated deity is Ayao.

Grounder and Welder - The Majis of Iron and Earth

These connected Aiye clan Maji can manipulate the earth's natural resources. A Grounder can shape and change the land, and a Welder can bend and contort metals. Their associated deity is Ògún.

Lighter - The Maji of Darkness and Light

Lighters, the Maji of the Ìmólè clan, can summon darkness and invoke the light. Their associated deity is Ochumare.

Cancer and Healer - The Maji of Health and Disease

These Ìwòsàn clan's Maji can manipulate the health of the human body, the Cancer can inflict sickness or disease, and the Healer can provide healing. Their associated deity is Babalúayé.

Seer - The Maji of Time

The Seer of the Aríran clan can summon memories from the past and see into the future. Their associated deity is Orúnmila.

Tamer - The Maji of Animals

Tamers, the Maji of the Eranko clan, can control and transform animals. Their associated deity is Oxosi.

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