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The Adventures of Wrathgar by Charles Moffat

Follow barbarian warrior Wrathgar in this Heroic Fantasy series of novels as he hunts murderers, uncovers crimes, fights monsters both great and small, makes friends and enemies, and ends up in a love triangle.

  1. The Assassin's Trail
  2. The Blizzard's Daughter
  3. The Coven's Wolves
  4. The Demon's Sacrifice
  5. The Exorcist's Dagger
  6. The Frost Giant's Tomb (Coming in 2023 or 2024)

Bonus: The Sunken Castle is a novelette that takes place between books I and II of the series.

The Adventures of the Bogatyr by Charles Moffat

A wandering Bogatyr knight kills monsters and deals with strange magical phenomenons in this series of Sword & Sorcery short stories, novelettes and novellas.

  1. The Bogatyr & the Cursed Inn
  2. Dark Shadows in the Moonlight
  3. The Bogatyr & the Rusalka's Lament
  4. The Bogatyr & the Gentle Giant
  5. A Bag of Silver, A Bag of Bones
  6. The She-Wolf of Eraska
  7. The Midnight Dragon
  8. The Bogatyr & the Cursed Parcel
  9. The Adventures of the Bogatyr: Anthology Collection

Wulfric the Wanderer by Charles Moffat

Having traveled back in time to Korovia's Stone Age the warrior Wulfric embarks on a legendary series of adventures across time in this Sword & Sorcery series of short stories, novelettes and novellas.

  1. Portal of Destiny
  2. The Cult of the She-Bear
  3. Born of Blood and Ice
  4. The Scarlet Arena
  5. Shifting Shadows in Iztark
  6. Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar
  7. The Raven's Feast
  8. The Unbreakable Arrow

The Lilith Bloodstone Series by Charles Moffat

A student of necromancy, Lilith Bloodstone takes up the cause of destroying undead and demons during the War of the Usurper in this Dark Fantasy series of short stories and novelettes.

  1. The Black Rose
  2. Rise of the Red Moon
  3. The Baby & the Village
  4. One to be Reckoned With
  5. The Night of the Dead
  6. On Death's Door
  7. The Emissary of Darkness
  8. The Astral Plane
  9. Out for Blood
  10. The Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus (Stories 1 to 9 in one volume)

Alt-Earth by Charles Moffat

A series of short stories, novellas and novels set in an Alternative History version of Earth featuring weird westerns, spy thrillers, urban fantasy and vigilante superheroes.

  1. A Dark Road in Louisiana
  2. Folly of the Forlorn
  3. Hunting Hitler
  4. The Dragontree of Kaŝe
  5. The Dragonslayers of Kaŝe
  6. The Quorum of Kaŝe (2-in-1 book)
  7. The Girl in the Red Hoodie 

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