Nerd Bicycles

Quick! Think of a nerd on a bicycle. What should that look like?

If you envisioned something like the "accountant" on the right then you aren't thinking Nerdy enough.

No, what you should be thinking of is what type of Nerd is riding the bicycle and which of the following things they enjoy.

Star Wars

Star Trek

Game of Thrones

The Hobbit



Dungeons & Dragons 


Science Fiction





And thus you end up with bicycles featuring Darth Vader or other characters from Star Wars.

Or even a bicycle decorated to look like a Speeder from Star Wars.

Or decorated to look like a starship from the newer Star Trek TV shows (Discovery, etc)

Or simply painted and the numbers added from the Enterprise. Fashion choices optional.

The point, essentially, is that true Nerds are going to decorate or modify their bicycles due to their Nerdish interests.

They're not going to decorate it so they look like the accountant way at the top.

They might also choose to invest time and energy (and money) into making their bicycle more engineered than normal. Eg. A solar powered bicycle?

Or maybe they completed a bicycle mechanic training course and they want to make something very artistic and sculptural? The type of person who designs their own custom bicycles.

The point I am trying to make is that there are many different kinds of Nerds, and this fact is reflected in the type of bicycles they would ride.

For example...

What would a Math Nerd want to ride?

Well, I present to you... The Pi Bike.

Seriously, there's no limit to what is out there and available for Nerds to create. As Nerds we are inherently creative people, whether we are copying what we see in movies, TV or comic books, or whether we are exploring topics such as engineering, design, math and more.

It is really just a matter of having the proper skills. And one place to get those skills would be to take a course at the Quadra Bike School with Smokey Dymny. Learn the skills, build your dream bicycle(s), maybe even make a YouTube channel dedicated to making nerd bicycles.

And then SELL those Nerd Bicycles for a tidy profit.

Who says Bicycle Mechanics cannot make money???

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