What should James Bond look like???

Using computer software (specifically the website ArtBreeder) it is not possible to create a computer generated image of what James Bond / 007 should look like using previous James Bond actors to create an amalgam version of what James Bond should in theory look like.


Unfortunately ArtBreeder only had an action figure version of Roger Moore to choose from and no images of George Lazenby, but whatever. I did what I could with the resources available on the website to create the following images.

First up, crossbreeding Sean Connery with Pierce Brosnan to create the following amalgamation... Sean-Pierce.

Next we crossbreed the Roger Moore action figure with Daniel Craig... to create Roger-Daniel.

Next it gets a bit more complicated... Have to blend together the Sean-Pierce amalgam with Timothy Dalton (because there was no image available of George Lazenby), but I want to do it so that it is pretty much a 33% split between the three actors. The end result is the Timothy-Sean-Pierce amalgam.

Next we take Roger-Daniel and mix him half and half with the Timothy-Sean-Pierce... creating an amalgam which is roughly...

  • 25% Daniel Craig
  • 25% Roger Moore action figure
  • 16.66% Timothy Dalton
  • 16.66% Sean Connery
  • 16.66% Pierce Brosnan

So is the final product a perfect amalgamation of the actors? Obviously not. It is not a perfect blend of them evenly, and obviously George Lazenby is missing from the mix. So it is imperfect. But looking at the composite image below reminds me of a certain actor that was recently touted as a possible new James Bond...

I am speaking of course of Charlie Cox.

You may recognize him as the actor who played Matt Murdock in the Netflix version of Daredevil.

So he certainly looks like the composite James Bond, and he has a good background in doing both dramatic roles and a lot of action sequences. He is also the right age that he could play James Bond for the next 4 or 5 films.

Now if you're paying attention you may notice that not all James Bond actors get to play the character for an equal number of films.

Connery and Moore got to play the character 7 times each. George Lazenby once. Timothy Dalton twice. Pierce Brosnan four times. Daniel Craig 5 times (counting the newest film "No Time To Die").

So in theory the best we can expect these days is for the actor to play James Bond for roughly 5 films over a 14 year period (which is what Daniel Craig managed to do between 2006 and 2020).

Some actors being touted as being the "Next James Bond" aren't really the right age because they'd only be able to make 2 or 3 films before they are too old to play the action hero.

They don't want to make the mistake they made with Timothy Dalton who did the first film with a full set of hair, but by film 2 was balding.

And honestly I don't think the world is ready for a bald James Bond.

The Bogatyr and the Cursed Inn

"The Bogatyr and the Cursed Inn" is a 5 minute flash fiction / short story set in Charles Moffat's "Korovia". A story of ghosts, fire, and time paradoxes in a slavic setting.

Click the image above to read the story for free. 

Want more? 

Read more free short stories at wattpad.com/user/CharlesMoffat or buy Korovia books from amazon.com/author/moffat

Like the story? Download it, keep it, print it out or share it with friends who also like fantasy stories.

Do Random Story Generators Work?

In a nutshell...


It really isn't possible to create a random story generator because there are too many moving parts to create such a thing and then have the plot and characters make sense.

I was contacted a few years ago by an idealistic young man who apparently thought it was possible to create a random story generator which would spew out stories based upon filling in a few blanks in a form.

He was forgetting that such a form would need to be capable of mixing and matching various descriptions of characters, of surroundings, and of any action sequences. It needed to be capable of using symbolism, foreshadowing, writing unique and compelling dialogue, etc.

So when I said "spew" out earlier what I really meant was vomit, because that is what it would be like to read such stories. It would be literary vomit.

Unreadable trash.

A complete waste of time.

Writing is too much of an art form to have an algorithm or a form that can simply be filled out and then the story is spewed out. It requires the human touch to create something artistic worth reading.

Even the most sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) currently available is only capable of writing basic sentences, and even then when you converse with such AIs you can often trip them up and spot grammar and sentence problems with how they talk.

For example below is a brief conversation with Cleverbot. As you can tell Cleverbot managed to tell a very short story (too short to even be considered to be flash fiction)... But the story doesn't really make sense. He ended with "he took everyone." Huh?

But this is what you would expect to see from a robotic AI that is trying to make a story. There will be something wrong with it, even if the story is very short. Expecting an AI to make up a novel... Well, that just isn't going to work at all. Novels are too complicated.

A person could spend 50 years of their life trying to create a Random Story Generator with an AI that creates stories that makes sense, but they would never succeed.

It is like the Voight Kampff test scene in the film "Bladerunner". Eventually the AI will trip up and make a mistake, a mistake that a human would never make. A mistake that reveals the AI doesn't really understand how to tell a story and is just following its programming.


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Study Archery in Toronto

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