Can you name all of Voldemort's Horcruxes?

Honestly - many Harry Potter fans cannot name them all - and it is in large part due to some confusion on the part of fans as to which things are horcruxes and what the total number of horcruxes are.

If you were a fan however who was paying attention you would have realized that Voldemort made too many Horcruxes. As Dumbledore says, Harry was the horcrux that Voldemort never intended to make. That means that he made 7 horcruxes on purpose and then the 8th one, Harry, was by accident.

So lets go through them in Alphabetical Order.

Harry Potter's Scar

Harry became a horcrux at a young age by accident when Voldemort's spell rebounded and killed himself. His soul then latched on to the only thing remaining in the room, which was Harry. Now whether Harry is the Horcrux or whether the scar is the Horcrux is open to debate, but the issue really is moot as Voldemort later destroys that Horcrux when he kills Harry in the final book - but Harry doesn't stay dead thanks to the power of the three Deathly Hallows he now possesses - furthermore only Voldemort could kill Harry thanks to the blood magic he used in the 4th book to bind himself to Harry and bypass Lily Potter's protection.

The problem however is that Harry was the accidental horcrux, which spoiled Voldemort's plan to only make 7 - because 7 was a more magically significant number. He would later make other horcruxes without knowing that Harry was also a horcrux. By making 8 Voldemort made himself vulnerable.

Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup

We see the cup in the final book, where it is stored in the bank Gringotts. Ron and Hermione later destroy it with a basilisk fang's venom.

Marvolo Gaunt's Ring

Professor Dumbledore destroys the ring in the 6th book, but not without injuring his hand - and injury which would have eventually killed him.

Professor Quirinus Quirrell

This is one of the horcruxes that people tend to forget about. Quirrell was an unwilling host to Voldemort and although unwilling, he was still technically a living horcrux just like Harry and Nagini. As such normal magic would simply bounce off of him, but he was vulnerable to Lily Potter's protective magic.

Nagini the Snake

It is unknown why Voldemort chose to make Nagini into a horcrux. Living horcruxes seem to have a bad habit of dying. It is eventually killed by Neville using Gryffindor's Sword in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Eventually found in the final book, the diadem is hidden in the Room of Requirement. In the book the diadem is destroyed by magical Fiendfyre, but in the film it is destroyed with a basilisk fang's venom, and then thrown into the Fiendfyre.

Salazar Slytherin's Locket

Voldemort takes extra steps to hide and protect this particular locket, and it is only through sheer luck that Dumbledore manages to locate it - or what he thinks is it. With Harry's help they manage to secure to find the original location of the locket during book 6, but it turns out it wasn't there any more. Instead the locket is later revealed to be around the neck of Dolores Umbridge, and it takes a caper just to steal it from her during book 7. Ron manages to destroy the locket using Gryffindor's Sword.

Tom Riddle's Diary

Found during the events of the second book, this book and the Voldemort trapped inside tries to return by sucking out the life of Ginny Weasley - but Harry stops the process by stabbing the book with a basilisk's fang, which conveniently is one of the few things that can destroy a Horcrux.

So there you go. That is the complete list of all eight horcruxes.

Many lists you find online might not even list all 8, because many lists fail to remember that there are actually 8, not 7.

The Horcruxes in Order of when they were Found and later Destroyed

Book 1 - Professor Quirinus Quirrell
Book 2 - Tom Riddle's Diary
Book 6 - Marvolo Gaunt's Ring
Book 7 Salazar Slytherin's Locket, Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup, Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, Harry Potter's Scar, Nagini the Snake.

Random Lesser Undead Critters for D&D

I didn't write this. I found this on the blog:

The idea here is for types of undead that are partially for dungeon dressing / lesser threats that add flavour to a dungeon populated by undead critters. Similar in threat to a Crawling Claw, but perhaps even non-threatening or benign.

01 Phantom head* - severed non corporeal phantom head appears mouths silent words
02 Moaning head - severed zombie head which comes to life when living hears and moans
03 Chattering skull - when disturbed hops about biting anything alive in sight, often in set
04 Foul Cranium - soft squishy rotten head that spits diseased phlegm at living in sight
05 Fire Skull - a flaming screeching flying skull that illuminates and guards dungeon06 Slime Skull - if disturbed by life will vomit a yard wide pool of acid every round in front
07 Laughing Head* - a form of phantom head but laughs with jollity if disturbed by living
08 Drowned Hand - blue rotten waterlogged severed hand that leaves a dripping trail
09 Clutching Hand - zombie hands left in high places that drop onto victims and grip them
10 Grasping Hand - crawling hand sneaks on sleeping and resting victims to strangle
11 Flaming Hand - floating burning phantom hand that tries to set alight victims
12 Pugilistic Fist - floating zombie fists punch victims often appear in groups
13 Jilted Hand - from a spurned suicidal lover, attacks opposite gender especially with rings
14 Spectral Claw* - floating glowing phantom hands reach inside victims body
15 Rending Fist - skinless swollen hand that tries to batter self into victims body
16 Putrid Claw - rotting slimy hand that touches
17 Wizards Claw - wizened hand covered with tatoos can cast a d5 zero lv Wizard spells
18 Mummy's Hand - bandaged desiccated hand that crawls and drains moisture from living
19 Wraith Hand - a shadowy phantom hand that drains life on touch
20 Plague Hand - crawling pox marked hand, touch drains a CHA point, week/point recover
21 Bloody Torso - limbless and headless torso that hops and bashes living victims
22 Hungry Torso - ribs open like a horrible mouth and intestines drag victim inside
23 Angry Bones - a collection of loose skeletal parts that hurl themselves at victims
24 Shambling Gore - dripping mound of ground flesh and bones that crushes victims
25 Shambling Eyes - mass of all seeing eyeballs, try and force selves inside a victim
26 Tongue Fiend - mass of crawling tongues that attempt to grapple then smother victim
27 Gut Buster - animated intestines that strangle and spray stomach acid
28 Gutsack Horror - floating digestive tract, floats or bites or grapples, explodes on death
29 Gastric Fiend - floating gas filled stomach with eyes sprays acid or stinking gas
30 Hopping Fiends - these hopping purple legs kick intruders, usually found in heaps
31 Scalp Horror - a collection of scalps with animated hair tries to strangle victims
32 Shambling Ash - mound of cremation ash which can blind and choke victims
33 Stabbing Fiends - arms or legs with sharp bone protruding from stump used to stab
34 Phantom Heart* - non corporeal heat beats loudly when living come near inducing fear
35 Bloody Heart - horrible hopping bloody gristle that tries to enter bodies of the living
36 Clotted Horror - animated pool of blood that leaches victims blood to increase mass
37 Shadow Heart* - non corporeal shadow that eats light & attacks with tendrils of darkness
38 Putrid Heart - this crawling slimy horror attacks with strangling diseased arteries
39 Orphan's Teeth - a mass of rotten teeth that crawls and gnaws living things
40 Grey Horror - undead brains that drip acid and crawl like slugs to drop from above
41 Beggar Bones - a crawling crippled skeleton with useless deformed legs
42 Crawling Carcass - zombie human body cut off at waist leaving a trail of rotten goop
43 Zombie Baby - these horrors often crawl in city sewers, they can leap and bite
44 Zombie Orphan - these undead feral children usually attack in a pack but flee if losing
45 Spectral Baby*- phantom babies cause fear with a touch and can bite
46 Spectral Orphan* - lost children cause fear with a gaze or can drain blood by touch
47 Skulk Claws - joined skull, shoulders and arms, attack with a two scratching claws
48 Torso Apparition* - glowing and bloated phantom from waist up, bites and grabs
49 Bloated Carcass - pulsing torso sack full of gas, explodes with stinking or diseased gas
50 Skull Snake - skull with spinal column which crawls and bites
51 Zombie Rat Ball - a group of slowly crawling ferocious rats with fused tails
52 Death Rat - a undead giant rat, as a giant rat but with undead abilities
53 Death Dog - a undead stray street dog, often found in graveyards feeding on dead
54 Gore Hound - skinless savage dog fights as a berserk in negative HP
55 Puss Hound - white dripping stinking undead dog with a diseased bite
56 Bone Dog - these suddenly leap from piles of bones assembling into skeleton dogs
57 Phantom Dog* - these spectral hounds howl by night and leap through people to attack
58 Necro Owl - evil owls attack those visiting graves with flesh shredding claws
59 Spectral Owl* - phantom owls can turn invisible and claws ignore non magic armour
60 Nightmare Owl* these shadowy owls call a victims name instilling fear
61 Ghost Fish* - especially hate fishermen, swim through air or through flesh to drain life
62 Necro Fish - undead fish dwell in water of all kinds and can jump to bite those on land
63 Snake Skeleton - these bone snakes can bite or stab with their tails and crawl quickly
64 Nerve Snake - forms from spinal nerve tissue, bite causes ghoul like paralysis
65 Putrid Worm - rotten slimy snakes that can spit acid, leave stinking trails
66 Sting Worm - these horrid snakes have a bite and paralyzing tail stinger
67 Shadow Cat* - can run through walls and attack by ambush with life draining touch
68 Crypt Cat - seemingly normal cat but up close can see fatal wounds, fierce and sneaky
69 Phantom Cat* - follows loudly screeching, blinks away if attacked, bites from ambush
70 Mummy Cat* - desiccated, bandaged and often bejeweled cats cause disease by bite
71 Shadow Rabbit* - bring dread to rabbits but will attack humans with shadow touch
72 Necro Hare - hopping evil terrors can be seen dancing by night, jump and bite
73 Grave Squirrel - big black rodents that rob graves for flesh, often attack in packs
74 Slime Squirrel - wet stinking critters leap at foes then explode into a small stinking cloud
75 Grave Hog - deadly grave flesh feasting hedgehogs shoot bony spurs often from cover
76 Grave Toad - large toads are former necromancer familiars, bite and know d4 cantrips
77 Shadow Bat - shadowy creatures fly through corporeal bodies and drain life force
78 Blood Bat - skinless bats that drip blood and attach selves to victims to drain blood
79 Stench Bat - putrid bats leave a trail of stinking odor behind them to bite those overcome
80 Bone Beaver - builds dam from bones dug from graves for material, bite or slap attack
81 Gore Beaver - builds dams from corpses to collect pools of blood, bite or slap attack
82 Doom Drake - black and grey ducks that attack in flocks
83 Night Raven - undead ravens some mutter abusive phases when they attack with pecks
84 Necro Bee Swarm - nocturnal bees make evil honey potions & guard them from thieves
85 Necro Termite Swarm - Mostly build hives and at wood but can attack from below
86 Necro Crab - a undead crab from the deep, can grapple or nip 2/round,+1 on right claw
87 Necro Ants Swarm - great diggers can attack from below and some kinds can fly
88 Necro Locust Swarm - eat every bit of meat they can find, and skeletonise the living
89 Necro Wasp Swarm - dwell in evil hive, victims killed arise as zombies
90 Hell Fleas - these are just like blood sucking fleas but normal treatments don't stop them
91 Protoplasmic Horror - gelatinous mass of necrotic organic matter that crushes living
92 Ectoplasmic Fiend* - slimy mass from beyond crushes victim, carries dead to other plane
93 Miasmic Cloud - a stinking vapour that spreads disease but flees any threat
94 Shadow Mist* - a small shadow being that lurks in shadows and drains life away
95 Putrescent Slime - a rotten mass of dead tissue surrounded by stinking gas cloud
96 Proto Phantom* - remains of a unborn soul with no distinct features that drains life
97 Shroud Phantom* - glowing sheet phantom with a chilling touch, has no memory of past
98 Screaming Phantom* - translucent human dressed as burial, scream causes fear
99 Grave Phantom* - translucent human dressed as burial, attacks if had a weapon
100 Jack-o-evil* - flying carved pumpkin stuffed with human brains, shoots sparks from eyes

Weird D&D Encounters in Villages

I didn't write this. I found this on the blog:

d100 Weird Village Encounters
01 Two headed d4 1=kitten 2=lamb 3=dog 4=turtle
02 A goat eats a rat with frog like adhesive elongated tongue
03 Huge spider webs around trees and roof tops
04 Giant fly snatches a baby or cat and flies away
05 Giant rat runs under a building
06 Cow eating a rabbit
07 A dog vomits up some fingers
08 A horse tears a shred of flesh of a farmers leg and eats it
09 Bats fly out of a chimney
10 Old woman talking to cat who whispers answers back in her ear
11 Children chanting in strange elder language
12 Child sucking on headless squirrel
13 Child with overgrown fang sticking out of mouth
14 Children playing with pet black rats
15 Children running from giant bed bug
16 Siamese twin baby googling sweetly
17 A child asks if visitors are the chosen ones elders speak of
18 Bulging eyed pudgy child drawing demon sigils on walls with chalk
19 Baby bites a dog which runs away in terror yelping
20 Staring silent children each holds a pet familiar
21 Statue made from animal skulls covered in blood
22 Villagers frolicking in masks some not really wearing a mask
23 Villagers performing a puppet show for the kids full of heresy and treason
24 Child with a creepy straw doll drops it in visitors belongings
25 Elaborate totems of wood, horn and herbs on every house for the old gods
26 Regional odd hat that all the locals wear
27 Local metal work features a strange design and unfamiliar characters
28 Villagers torturing a local who broke the local code by some bizarre means
29 Villagers have welcomed a strange clever man from a foreign city to live here
30 Villagers all wearing jewelry (metal, wood. horn, stone) with a sinister face design
31 Butcher selling strange creature parts he gets from local cave
32 Baker seems to have a supernatural fire spirit his oven
33 Highly skilled craftsman making amazing diabolic designs
34 Local drunk tries to arrange to meet you about something sinister and is never seen again
35 Tavern keeper offers vices and narcotics on par with the debauched cesspits of the city
36 Storekeeper uses quite a few odd coins "adventurers found" JD Jarvis Hellcoins handy
37 Beer tastes funny and the brewer also uses strange body parts from local cave for local flavour
38 Strange figure designs on fabric woven and knit by local old women
39 Locals in bar playing strange game with large monster teeth
40 Roof repair man often attacked by stirge owls living in the attics of local houses
41 Street covered in sawdust over a rancid pool of gore they say was a wagon accident
42 Headless corpses suspended by pole by the executioners block, heads missing
43 Church has had a cheap facelift on the outside, cobwebbed mess inside
44 Pile of large beast heads near a bonfire ready to burn, no bodies present
45 Wanted posters from the city law have been painted over and torn down
46 Border stones and official signs have been wrecked or vandalized
47 Local tax collectors don't want to stay here the night and afraid of witches
48 Free stew and village having a party, someone asking about missing friend
49 Naked villagers drunkenly asleep wearing nothing but robes or goat leggings
50 House burning down with new family that sadly didn't fit in trapped inside
51 Swine like fat greedy merchant or friar who everyone seems to love is a devil swine
52 Mayor often seen in regalia, a gold necklace with magic medallion and hooded cloak
53 Attractive progressive and tolerant holy person beloved by villagers border on public heresy
54 A local sorcerer with a d4 "students" have been teaching locals esoteric arts and drug abuse
55 A formerly famous adventurer gives map to local dungeon he now secretly serves
56 A hideous old woman stares at you lots, locals fearful but all sworn to protect her
57 A wizard tower with vegetation surrounding it affected by chaos or necromancy
58 Large old graveyard with a few prehistoric monoliths run by a necromancer working as mortician
59 A famous prostitute linked to royalty from the city has come to stay but seldom takes visitors
60 Rugged muscular priest is actually a werewolf, outsider animals hate him
61 Root vegetable crops squeaking and wiggling underground
62 All the farm work is done overnight by something and the villagers lazy
63 All the farm animals have same eyes and often stare at visitors creepily
64 Goats dancing on hindlegs and bleating being encouraged by shepherds
65 All the large and healthy animals have some colouring and markings
66 Farm animals being beaten with sticks or clumsily killed sound almost human as they scream
67 Scarecrows in the fields look very creepy and strange, curfew after midnight
68 Animals all act the same and come and go without herders
69 Farm hands beating one of their own into bloody pulp while chanting
70 Farmers preparing a wickerman with animals in cages in the limbs already
71 Iron bar sealed old well that allows water be drawn out but not monsters
72 Stone plug sealing an ancient sinkhole into caves
73 Squat ancient idol in village centre with food, burnt offerings and bone sacrifices
74 Short wall section is forgotten foundations and old chambers exist under the village
75 A creepy prehistoric mound nearby is used for dancing on by drunken locals
76 A statue with a missing head and odd physiognomy het highly detailed and realistic
77 A fountain from a lost age with worn but quality art, 1in6 works and has a man size drainhole plug
78 A statue of a notorious cult leader from many generations ago who founded village
79 Locals point at the elder monolith with fear and warn you not to sleep near it
80 Standing stones seem to move at night and occasional fall on someone
81 Creepy trees in woods sway in unison without wind being felt
82 Strange howls heard from the woods
83 Strange fetishes on the borderland with the forest
84 Spirits in the forest make it unsafe at night all locals say to strangers
85 Snakes are seen everyday outside by everyone and locals unafraid
86 Villagers have a pump that draws water by itself with a switch the locals say is a bound demon
87 A huge ancient tree looks thousands of years old and has secret passages and chambers
88 Several sinkholes and caves are known to be in the area but villagers publicly shun them
89 Colourful toadstools rumoured to be associated with a evil god are commonplace
90 People and animals are sometimes swallowed up by the earth if they stray far from village
91 Robed order perform rituals in ruins or groves or caves publicly
92 Some local sport being played with grisly body parts used ass the ball
93 Drunken festivities grow wild with eventual fighting and orgy in the streets
94 Lynch mob flailing a prisoner with whips till they drop over crime they wont mention
95 Lynchmob forcing a prisoner to run a gauntlet of villagers with rocks
96 Village come out to watch a execution on old strange blackened tree stump here since olden days
97 Villagers chasing and beating a apprentice cleric preaching in the country for his studies
98 Village choir and folk dancers singing, then they get drunk and start ritual castrations
99 Village militia practice targets are old painted wooden statues from a run down church
100 Villagers having a funeral where locals sing strange song about fate of persons soul

What it takes to get the D&D group together sometimes

What it takes to get the D&D group together sometimes...

 The stars need to align.
 You need to pray for nachos.
 Make a deal with the devil you know just so enough people show up.

However if it all comes together, you get to have a cold drink together.

 Preferably with a bar brawl.

Five Predictions for Season 7 of Game of Thrones


The new season of Game of Thrones started last night and like any diehard Thrones fan, it is now a good time to speculate on what is going to happen during this season.

#1. The Wall is Coming Down

The Wall is magical, we know this because Benjen Stark cannot pass beyond the Wall due to the Wall's magical properties.

According to legend the Wall cannot be destroyed except by the Horn of Winter, which is also a magical object. When the horn is blown it is supposed to cause vibrations within the ice that will cause the ice within the Wall to shatter. (This is similar to the Biblical story of horns being used to cause an earthquake in the city of Jericho - Joshua 6:20.)

Sam Tarly way back in second season found a horn along with a stash of dragonglass. Hint hint. The horn is likely currently at Castle Black.

#2. Jon Snow is going to Dragonstone and will meet Dany and Tyrion

It will not be the first time Jon Snow and Tyrion have hung out together. Both shared a friendship during Tyrion's visit to the Wall in Season 1. But it will be the first time Jon has met Dany, and this grouping of all three together will put all three Targaryen's on the same island together at the same time.

Jon Snow will go to Dragonstone after he receives a raven from Sam Tarly, telling him that there is a giant amoung of dragonglass on the island of Dragonstone. If he is smart, Jon will also try to convince Dany that the real threat is in the north and that the White Walkers are coming.

And if we are lucky, Jon will get attacked by fire or dragonfire, and we will learn that he (and possibly Tyrion too) are all immune to fire. Dany will then realize that all three of them are Targaryens.

The end game of this will be Dany, Tyrion and Jon all riding dragons together.

#3. Cersei will ally herself with the Starks, but secretly plot to kill them

In the ever-shifting alliances of Game of Thrones, Cersei needs more allies. Jon Snow / Sansa Stark will offer her a deal to end the war in an effort to get more people to help fight the White Walkers. But Sansa will know that Cersei is not to be trusted.

During this Cersei will take her army north, including her beast-zombie the Mountain.

When Cersei does strike and betray them, Jaime will have to choose between letting her kill thousands of people - or killing Cersei. But the Mountain will stop him...

Cersei could eventually get captured by the Night King and become a White Walker - the Night Queen.

#4. Brienne and the Hound killing Wights and White Walkers

The Hound (Sandor Clegane) is heading north and now knows the Fire God is real. He has also seen a vision of the undead wights in the north, and knows they are heading south. Clegane vs Wights? Bring on the wights because Clegane is going to be awesome at killing them.

There is only one problem, Clegane doesn't have a Valyrian steel sword and will break any weapon he currently has when fighting a White Walker.

Enter Brienne - who does have a Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper. And she is equally awesome in combat as the Hound.

Now put those two together, fighting back to back vs a horde of White Walkers and wights. That is a fight worth watching!

#5. Sam Tarly will become a Wizard

Magical learning is one of the things maesters sometimes get into while at the Citadel. In the books Sam meets other students at the Citadel who have learned that magic has come back into the world with the birth of dragons, that dragons essentially emanate magical power that can be tapped into. Sam will realize that what Jon Snow and everyone else really needs is not a maester, but a wizard.

Which will fulfill what Sam said back in Season 1: "I always wanted to be a wizard." to which the other guys laughed, because at the time it was a silly idea.

And there is a line in a later season in which Gilly says to him: "You are like a wizard."

Bonus Prediction #1. Gendry will forge a Valyrian steel sword for Arya

The smith who taught Gendry is the same smith who made Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail by melting down Ned Stark's huge sword Ice. This means that smith knows how to melt down and reforge Valyrian steel.

Which means Gendry probably knows how to reforge Valyrian steel.

Add dragonfire to this mixture, and Gendry might someday be able to make new Valyrian steel blades, without the need to melt down old Valyrian steel blades.

Eventually Arya is going to realize the real threat is also in the north, and her sword Needle will end up breaking if she tries to use it against a White Walker. At some point she and Gendry will meet up, and Gendry will make her a new sword which will be useful against White Walkers.

Bonus Prediction #2. The Reappearance of Dark Sister

There is a Valyrian steel sword which Arya mentions in an earlier season while talking to Tywin. The sword she mentions is "Dark Sister", a Valyrian steel sword which had once belonged to a Targaryen woman. The sword was small and slimmer - like Needle is - and designed for the hand of a woman.

It is possible that Arya could end up with the sword Dark Sister instead of Gendry forging her a new sword, or it is possible Dany could end up with the sword instead, as it makes sense that at some point Dany should start wearing armour and learning how to defend herself. She won't always have her dragons handy so she really should have a sword to defend herself with.

Either way, someone will end up getting Dark Sister and Arya and Dany are the two most likely candidates.

Bonus Prediction #3. When Arya heads north, she will reunite with her dire wolf Nymeria

And Nymeria will be big enough that Arya can now ride on her wolf.

But first she needs to head south to King's Landing.

Bonus Prediction #4. Cyrio is not dead and neither is King Stannis

Cyrio is alive. Somewhere. Stannis is alive too, but now missing a leg.

My prediction is Cyrio will pop up in the north east, roughly west of Braavos.

I predict Stannis will pop up during a plot twist involving Brienne, in which she explains that she realized Stannis was the rightful king, that he was only doing his duty as king, yada yada, and that she realized she needed to punish him but not kill him.

Bonus Prediction #5. Podrick Payne is one of King Robert's bastards

While everyone knows Gendry is one of King Robert's bastards, I have a hunch Podrick Payne is also one of King Robert's offspring.

The revelation probably won't be revealed until after Gendry and Podrick meet, and they will only learn they are half-brothers thanks to Bran.

This will become important because it will mean that they are the rightful heirs of the Baratheon family, which is why keeping Stannis alive for now becomes important.

It also should be noted that the Baratheon family are relatives of the Targaryens. So both Gendry and Podrick do have a bit of Targaryen blood in them.

Random D&D Stuff on the Beach

I didn't write this. I found this on the blog:

d100 flotsam and jetsam 
01 Mountains of sea weed
02 Spectacular driftwood with barnacles
03 Hundreds of jellyfish
04 Hundreds of sea urchin
05 Hundreds of dead fish
06 Hundreds of dead starfish
07 Hundreds of dead cuttlefish
08 Dead dolphin with shark bites
09 Dried rotting dead mermaid horror from the deep
10 Several giant slimy tentacles

11 A dead rotting whale covered in crabs and gulls
12 A rotting sea serpent

13 A unconscious sailor from far off land
14 Dozens of shipwreck victims (possibly some live) and several sea chests
15 Dozens of murdered bodies and empty sea chests left by wreckers
16 A huge sand castle built by crab men as temporary base
17 Remains of a boat smashed up
18 Intact small fishing boat with fishing nets and rods and rope
19 A wooden pulley with a short length of rope
20 Barnacle covered float with small section or torn net
21 A bottle with a letter requesting help d100 years old
22 A bottle with a treasure map
23 A bottle with a will for property far away
24 A bottle half full of rum
25 A tiny chest with some small jewelry with semi precious stones
26 Carved wooden prow of ship with mythical creature
27 A fancy captains hat
28 A ship flag on length of rope
29 Long length of hemp rope
30 Man o war jellyfish with stinging tendrils
31 A gasping turtle tangled in a net
32 Hundreds of tiny crabs eating a huge strange unrecognizable creature
33 A piece of amber
34 A battered tree
35 Gigantic eyeball of some marine creature
36 Dead albatross (possibly alive helping it brings good luck)
37 Huge crab claw
38 Dead trilobite or sea scorpion
39 Beautiful badly hurt mermaid
40 Huge shark tooth
41 Cluster of sea sponges tangled in weed
42 Rusty key
43 Gigantic bones possibly from whale
44 Unhappy lost seal pup 
45 Wooden pegleg
46 Wooden box with d6 bottles of rum
47 Large block of seasalt
48 Rotting baby shark
49 Huge giant squid carcass
50 Huge shell
51 Strange symbol made from arranged stones, weed or sand
52 Baby of marine race d4 1=crabman 2=mermaid 3=squidman 4=mantaman
53 Dried puffer fish
54 Human skull with barnacles
55 Rusty old breast plate
56 Dead marine crocodile
57 Angry sea snake with deadly venom
58 Block of melting ice
59 Biological sacks of fluid some kinds of egg 
60 White cuttlefish bones useful crafting material or good for birds
61 Remains of wrecked ship long buried on beach exposed by moving sand 
62 A small anchor covered in barnacles
63 A wooden barrel with d4 1=grog 2=water 3=body 4=sea biscuits
64 A battered locked book, mostly illegible but tantalizing hints
65 A strange creepy wooden idol of squat spirit
66 A strange green stone idol of a squat sea demon 
67 A elegant noble looking native idol
68 A whale or elephant tusk
69 A blob of ambergris
70 A narwhale horn
71 A leathery corpse in shredded clothes actually a marine zombie
72 Intact skeleton with bandanna and seaman's clothes holding cutlass leaps up to attack
73 Monkeys playing on beach
74 Wax tablet dedicated to ancient evil sea demon by a cult, causes dreams if kept
75 Strange chunk of gold resembling drift wood, cult treasure of vindictive fish folk 
76 Crude wooden raft recently arrived
77 Clay pot decorated and sealed with wine or oil
78 Corroded copper coins scattered in sand all over beach
79 Lump of copper or silver coins fused into mass covered in barnacles
80 Human finger with ring
81 Single gold or silver coin in good condition
82 Pretty smooth worn glass pebbles once bottles
83 Interesting looking semiprecious stone
84 Large crystal
85 A bone dice
86 Ring shaped stone reputed to offend elves
87 Huge shell actually hermit crab looking for snacks
88 Carved wooden figurine like a duck
89 Cowrie shells strung together a form of currency in some places
90 Leather boot with crabs inside
91 Stray dog with collar
92 Ship's steering wheel or wagon wheel
93 Ships rudder or mast
94 Chunks of burned boat scattered along beach
95 Ships canvas sail, tattered but repairable
96 Green sealed bottle with occult symbols, contains soul of evil sea captain
97 Green eyed stone idol, whoever finds it becomes possessive and paranoid
98 Disgusting mass of twitching slime with eyes trying to ooze back into sea
99 A wax coated wheel of cheese possible edible
100 Erotic idol carved from tusk of marine creature in unrecognizable style

Downtime Magical Items for 5th Edition D&D

In 5th Edition D&D activities that PCs do during non-adventure time is known as "Downtime Activities". Downtime Activities are described on the following pages:
  • PHB pages 186 - 187
  • DMG pages 127 - 131
Depending on the Dungeon Master, downtime activities can play an important, interesting, and integral part of their campaign. Downtime Activities include things like:
  • Building a Stronghold
  • Carousing
  • Crafting Magical Items
  • Crafting Non-Magical Items
  • Gaining Renown
  • Maintaining / Renovating Property (including maintenance costs)
  • Operating a Garrison of Soldiers
  • Performing Sacred Rites
  • Practicing a Profession
  • Recuperating (from Major Injuries / Disease / Poison)
  • Researching Topics
  • Running a Business
  • Selling Magic Items
  • Sowing Rumours
  • Training to Gain Languages / Tool Skill
  • Training to Gain Levels
But what if there were magical items that could aid in these Downtime Activities? Well, here are some ideas for such items that would have benefits in the game.

Architect's Drafting Tools
This set of tools reduce the time required to build a stronghold or other structure by 10%.

The tools allow the Architect to optimize the design of the building to make it more time efficient to build. The overall cost of the structure is not effected, but the time savings can be useful. An architect or engineer using these tools while practicing their profession can effectively earn 10% more income.

Lucky Carousing Hat
Gives a +10% bonus downtime carousing checks. +2 saves vs alcohol.

Notes - Useless in combat. Great during a drinking contest. Encourages players to spend downtime carousing, which makes for interesting plot developments and can lead to quests. Thus the hat is a tool the DM can use to deliver quest hooks.

Desk of the Enchanter
Reduces time required to craft magical items by 10%. If there is a roll to determine success of the enchantment process there is a 10% bonus to the chance of success.

This solid oak desk is topped with obsidian and radiates strong enchantment magic, a number of magical devices are in the drawers of the desk useful for speeding up the process of enchantment. It speeds up the process of making magical items, but does not effect the cost. Normally it costs 25 gp per day to craft magical items. Using this desk the cost is 27.5 gp per day. This does not include lifestyle expenses, so in theory the user saves both time and lifestyle expenses.

Hammer of the Holy Weaponsmith
When used to craft or repair metal weapons of any kind that are normally metal, this hammer has the added effect of imbuing the weapon with the effect of being "holy" to a good god.

This does not confer any bonus to hit or damage, but simply the ability that the weapon is considered holy when used to attack undead, demons and similar critters. This may, at the DM's discretion, allow it to bypass certain kinds of weapon resistances and immunities. When used to repair an unholy or evil weapon, the hammer will purify the weapon and remove any evil enchantments or curses on the weapon. Evil artifacts are immune to this effect. The hammer has no effect on attempts to craft or repair armour or other items.

The Merchant's Silver Tongue
This silver necklace boosts interactions with NPCs by +2 when attempting to sell items, and any sale price is boosted by 10% due to the seller's "likeability".

This item can be used for selling magical items or any number of non-magical items, new or used. It is only useful for selling items however. It has no effect on purchasing or bartering items.

Ancient Dungeon Machinery

I didn't write this. I found this on the blog:

I might use this in the ruins north of Dangarn. Also check out these awesome Steampunk Dice on the right.

d12 Machine Operation
1 Crystal Grid of stone depressions which crystals are inserted and concentrated on to operate
2 Mechanical with cogs and levers and pulleys in secret combinations
3 Alchemical apparatus with glass tubes and vials of fluid with a furnace and pressurized liquids
4 Pneumatic brass tubes with vacuum cylinder transport system for small packages
5 Crystal Panels which if waved over light up in colours and links system to users mind
6 Living fleshy biological systems with tentacles, suckers, fleshy curtains manipulated by hand
7 Necrotic highly complex biological structures of bone covered in chitin, skin contact panels
8 Focal object like pool of liquid or mirror or crystal orb if concentrated on controls machine
9 Clay tablets in ancient text are inserted into slots in complex magical formulas
10 Steam Boiler powers mechanisms by elaborate gauges, pipes and furnace
11 Golem like beings incorporated into machines operated with magic signs
12 Bound entities like elementals or demons power the machinery and obey commands

d12 Condition
1 Rotting heaps of scrap barley disconcernable to experts
2 Shattered mess or rubble and broken equitment
3 Broken machine with essential and valuable parts missing
4 Badly burned and melted
5 Shattered from explosion
6 Smashed by vandalism spree from some past upheaval
7 Flooded and coroded with mounds of silt and slime
8 Shambling heap with missing parts but possibly repairable
9 Broken but repairable
10 Battered but functional
11 Good condition some wear
12 Shining new

d100 Ancient Dungeon Machine Rooms
01 Automated toilet
02 Water pump control room
03 Bakery with oven and huge mixer
04 Washing machines
05 Water heater and pump
06 Steam room boiler
07 Brewing or wine vat
08 Blacksmith forge and machine hammer
09 Weaving machine easily fowled
10 Lighting control room
11 Alarm control room
12 Servant bell control hub
13 Electrical generator
14 Message cylinder pressure plant
15 Message cylinder mail room
16 Telegraph room
17 Automated bell machine
18 Steam engine
19 Metal press for cutting patterns in sheet metal
20 Furnace for heating or burning
21 Kitchen with ovens
22 Steam press
23 Refrigerator
24 Smoke house
25 Spinning machine
26 Mulching machine for organic waste
27 Slaughter room with hooks and guilliotine
28 Butchers room with saws and fridge
29 Steam bath and massage machine
30 Torture chamber
31 Rending plant for extracting fat and oil from organic matter
32 Music machine like a steam calliope or organ
33 Automated prison cells with possibly functional food and water and toilet
34 Ice machine makes foot cubes of ice
35 Milling machine for grains to make flour
36 Dying vat for making batches of coloured cloth, uses lots of water
37 Hair cutting machine
38 Dentistry machine
39 Portrait painting machine
40 Printing press
41 Saw mill and machine to mix glue and sawdust into particle board
42 Kinetiscope or crude recreational image making machine
43 Music machine plays from collection of discs like huge jukebox
44 Canning or food preservation machine
45 Smelting furnace
46 Huge clock
47 Manufacturing assembly line with convener belt
48 Spray booth
49 Water filtration plant
50 Glass furnace
51 Huge alchemical apparatus for growing monsters
52 Dream recording chamber
53 Machine to turn corpses into zombies
54 Machine turns corpses into iron rations
55 Huge electronic drum kit
56 Security monitoring room
57 Automed med bay surgery machine
58 Beautification spa machine
59 Plastic surgerey machine
60 Face transplant machine
61 Brain transplant machine
62 Polymorphing machine
63 Controls for dungeon burrowing machine
64 Controls of subtereanean hydro dam (stops flood)
65 Machine that pumps blood from deep underground sleeping kaiju
66 Machine that controls undead sleeping army
67 Machine that pacifies or enrages orcs
68 Orc making machine converts corpses to monsters
69 Machine drains life force to generate power
70 Orgone energy acumulator drains sexual energyfor miles around
71 Soul storage device
72 Dimensional prison containing evil wizards of yore
73 Growth Accelerator turns children into ogres
74 Blood draining machines with storage vats
75 Long range comunicator
76 Time machine sends subjects to when monsters ruled one way
77 Machine fuses humans and animals to create beast men
78 Machine regulates dungeon lighting
79 Machine regulates dungeon temperature
80 Machine contains trapped tortured elementals
81 Gremlin containment machine
82 Machine allows operator to comunicate with other planes
83 Control room for one shot weapon to harm a god
84 Control room for slumbering cyborg kaiju
85 Time scoop can summon prehistoric monsters
86 Weather machine
87 Microscopic and bacterial lab
88 Reactor controls
89 Video confrence room
90 Holographic film library
91 Long range god or artifact scanner
92 Image data library screen
93 Potion lab aparatus or distilery
94 Golem animation aparatus
95 Suspended animation pods
96 Cloning vats
97 Clairvoyant aparatus or scrying device
98 Astronomical observation device
99 Teleporter pad and array
100 Machine that opens dimensional gate

What to do In Between Pokemon Go Events

By now many of us Pokemon Go players have figured out there are really two ways of playing Pokemon Go.
  1. The vanilla experience, the time period between events.
  2. The events experience, the times when there is a Pokemon Go event happening.
The recent Adventure Week rock event and the Grass Event before that got me thinking that about what players should be doing during the time periods that are in-between the events. Here is what I do:

#1. Fill in your Pokedex

I hunt specific Pokemon to fill out my Pokedex, usually by going to locations where specific kinds of Pokemon are more likely to appear. So for example if I am hunting water Pokemon, I am hanging around the lakeshore, ponds, rivers, etc. See Pokemon Go Spawn Locations in Toronto for more details.

So for example right now I am hunting Houndours, so I can evolve one and get the evolved version Houndoom. My Pokedex is currently at 222 and I would like to reach 235 before July 1st. To accomplish that I need to be finding spawn nests for certain types of Gen 2 Pokemon (I already have all of the Gen 1 Pokemon that are available in Toronto), and to find those 13 missing Pokemon I need to be spending the time during June to fine them.

#2. Hunt the Ten Biggest Pokemon

Or their lesser evolved counterparts. Your primary goal here is to get big Pokemon that make for good gym defenders. These includes hunting for:
  1. Larvitars (Tyranitar Rock/Dark, max CP 3670)
  2. Dratinis (Dragonite, Dragon/Flying, max CP 3581)
  3. Snorlax (Normal, max CP 3355)
  4. Rhydon (Ground/Rock, max CP 3300)
  5. Magikarp (Gyarados, Water/Flying, max CP 3281)
  6. Chansey (Blissey, Normal, max CP 3219)
  7. Eevees (Five different evolutions, Water, Dark, Electric, Fire or Psychic, max CP 3157)
  8. Phanpy (Donphan, Ground, max CP 3022)
  9. Heracross (Bug/Fighting, max CP 2938)
  10. Geodude (Golem, Rock/Ground, max CP 2916)
 Hunting the biggest pokemon are just straight up useful for protecting gyms, which brings me to my next topic.

#3. Hunt Pokemon that are Good Gym Attackers

Being big isn't necessarily good for taking down enemy gyms / bumping up your own gym. In those situations it is better to have several good pokemon of each the 18 types. Certain types are very good at taking down other types. Water beats fire, ice beats dragon, grass beats ground, steel beats rock, fairy beats dark, etc.

Thus since the biggest Pokemon out there are things like Tyranitar (rock/dark) it is useful to have some big fairies or big steel Pokemon to take down the Tyranitars. Fairy attacks are also good versus dragons, so they are also good versus Dragonites. Ice attacks are also great against Dragons, so the fairy/ice Pokemon Jynx is actually surprisingly good at defeating Dragonites. If you get a really good Jynx, you should definitely keep it for the purposes of defeating Dragonites.

Since Dragonites fly, electric Pokemon are also good against them and other types of flying Pokemon like Gyarados.

Fighting Pokemon are good for taking down Snorlaxes, so finding a big Heracross with fighting attacks should also be on your To Do List. While a Heracross does make a good defender, it is arguably best kept as an attacker instead.

#4. Attack Gyms and Defend Them - Get Coins!

Now that you hopefully have some good defenders and a variety of good attackers, you should spend your time taking down gyms and replacing them with your team. Or alternatively, boosting up your team's gyms to level 10 and then defending them.

Your end goal in attacking gyms is to gain coins, so I usually try to time when I go on a series of Gym Attacks so I can attack multiple gyms, place my defenders, and then collect my coins immediately. If I wait too long someone might come along and try to take down any gyms I captured and then I would need to repeat the process to get the amount of coins I was hoping for.

Once you have the coins they are best used to increase your inventory space / Pokemon storage. Otherwise I stockpile my coins until sales that are worthwhile. (The recent sale on Pokeballs was useless to me, as I don't believe on wasting coins or money on Pokeballs that can be gained for free just by walking.)

#5. Stock Up on Pokeballs

I frequently dump healing lesser healing potions, revives and nanab berries to make more room for Pokeballs. I will generally keep the hyper/max potions and the max revives, but even then I usually end up with lots of them.

Nanab berries are annoying to me. I rarely use them because I usually just time my throwing of the Pokeball in the first place. I only keep a few on me in case I run into a particularly annoying Pokemon who keeps dodging or headbutting the ball, but otherwise I routinely dump Nanabs whenever I have more than 10 of them. If I really want more space for Pokeballs I will sometimes reduce my Nanabs to 5 because I so rarely need them.

Pokeballs, Razz/Pinap berries are the truly valuable things to have as you NEED them to catch Pokemon, increase your chances of catching them, or double the candy you get when trying to catch a particularly rare Pokemon. eg. If I see a Larvitar, that is a good time to use an Ultra Ball and a Pinap so I get double the candy and improve my chances of catching it. Combined with a curve ball and excellent aim/timing, that Larvitar is usually as good as caught.

Evolution items are nice to have when it comes time to use them (preferably during a double XP event) but otherwise I don't worry about them. If they start taking up too much space eventually I might dump a few, but at present they have not become an inventory nuisance.

#6. Inventory Maintenance / Waiting for Next Event

Whether you are getting rid of Pokemon you don't need or making sure you keep a full inventory with lots of Pokeballs, you should try to do this regularly.

When doing this I also stockpile candy, stockpile Pokemon ready to be evolved, and get ready for the next double XP event - like the Easter Eggstravaganza event that was in April. I evolved almost 400 Pokemon during the Easter Eggstravaganza that I had been stockpiling, just so when I did evolve them I could use Lucky Eggs in combo with the Double XP to get 4 times the XP.

I also record how much candy I have stockpiled of the various types, and calculate how many Pokemon I will be able to evolve whenever the next event comes around - this way I know to keep big / good stats Pokemon around instead of dumping them, thus keeping the correct number I will need for whenever a double XP event finally happens.

I have a hunch there will be another double XP event sometime in June or July.

Events seem to be happening at a rate of 1 or 2 per month, with Big Events usually accompanied by bigger incentives to get out there and play, but that doesn't mean you should not be out there playing and accomplishing your goals within the game during the downtimes between events. The events add interest to the game and allow you to focus on catching specific types of Pokemon, to hatch more eggs, to get double XP, etc - but there are certain goals like gaining coins, filling in your Pokedex, etc that can be accomplished without any need for an event to currently be happening.

Happy Hunting!

Pokemon Go - Pet Peeves concerning Whiners and Cheaters

So I haven't posted about Pokemon Go for awhile, not since November (last post was about Pokemon Spawn Locations in Toronto, which keeps shifting every few weeks).

Above: Example of a map used for hacking the game.
#1. Map Cheaters

One of the things I have noticed (and has been annoying me for awhile) is people who complain and whine about the game, and the things that they complain about is how Niantic (the makers of Pokemon Go) keep cracking down on cheating.

A common way for cheaters to cheat is by using 3rd party GPS apps / websites to see where various rare Pokemon are located, how much time they will be there, etc.

Various in-game features made it easy for people to hack the game and cheat that way, so over time Niantic changed those features to make cheating less likely.

eg. A recent change in April 2017 is that Pokemon no longer have their stats predetermined when they appear, and instead now have random stats at the moment a player first clicks on them.

Thus 3rd party GPS apps can no longer tell what the particular stats of a particular Pokemon is until someone clicks on it. It is just random now. This hasn't stopped people from cheating however, as they continue to use the GPS apps to locate rare Pokemon.

Thus, the only people complaining about those changes are the people who are cheating in the first place.

Other less common ways of cheating include GPS location spoofing (so you don't have to walk, it just does it for you).

#2. Quitters and Whiners

Another thing that annoys me is the people who quit playing the game because they thought it was:
  • Too much exercise.
  • Too cold outside during the winter.
  • Events are too few and too far in-between.
  • Whining about how Legendaries still have not been released.
  • Not at popular as it once was.
  • General Whining, Etc.
At which point I should point out the following:
  1. Pokemon Go is effectively a competitive sport. You are SUPPOSED to exercise to play the game.
  2. I played outside during the Winter, I was simply smart about and wore thermal underwear and multiple layers.
  3. Events are supposed to rare and special. Duh.
  4. They will be released eventually, during an event.
  5. The people who quit playing are probably also the people who never spent a cent playing the actual game, so those quitters don't really effect Niantic's profits, do they?
  6. Sheesh, these people complain about everything. You cannot make them happy.
The #5 point is really important because I think these players who quit really just could not handle it. Many of them, this is just a hunch, probably could not stand all the walking that is involved - and thus quitters don't just quit for 1 reason, they quit for multiple reasons, of which #1 is probably a common complaint that many of these lazy quitters just don't want to admit to.

After all, nobody ever wants to admit that they are lazy.

Speaking for myself, I did not quit - I just kept playing despite the weather, whether there was an event on or no event, and I stockpiled my candy between events so that when the recent Easter Egg Event did happen, I used up a lot of my stockpiled candy to evolve approx. 400 Pokemon and gain approx. 800,000 XP from getting 2,000 XP per evolution.

So I am sitting happy with the results of my efforts and I am now stockpiling candy for the next event that involves Double XP, which according to rumour will be sometime during the summer and involve the release of Generation I Legendaries.

I have a hunch candies might be handy whenever they release Legendaries, so it is also good to start stockpiling for that purpose. If it turns out I am wrong, oh well, just use them during a double XP event instead.

#3. Unspoken Ceasefires

Often what happens with Pokegyms these days is that they will become a level 10 blue gym or level 10 red gym, and it will just stay there for weeks or even months, meanwhile other "enemy gyms" are set up only a short distance away and do the exact same thing.

I am personally okay with this ceasefire. I really don't mind logging in once every 21 hours and collecting my coins.

Some people however see this unspoken ceasefire as a problem, and go out of their way to disrupt the status quo. It takes about 30-40 minutes to solo take down a gym.

Thus when I look around my neighbourhood at the gyms, I really don't care about the status of those gyms as long as my gyms are well protected and I am continuously gaining coins from them every 21 hours. I am quite happy with ceasefires.

What annoys me is when my gyms (effectively "my territory") get taken down and I have to go recapture them and reclaim my position protecting them. However this rarely happens these days.

So What Am I Worried About?

Not a lot actually. Obviously I would still like to see the following:
  • Player Vs Player Combat (PVP) - just so I can play against family members/etc.
  • More Things To Do in the Game - like going on quests perhaps.
  • Tiered Gyms - so that less experienced players can still collect coins, as the more experienced players currently dominate the gyms and make that aspect of the game pointless for low level players.
  • Legendaries, eventually - I am in no rush to get this.
A few weeks ago I finally got all of the 1st Generation Pokemon (ignoring regionals, Dodrio was tricky to finally get) so my current goal is to finish getting all of the 2nd Generation. So getting the Legendaries in a hurry is not a big deal to me as I still haven't got all the 2nd Gens that are available.

Otherwise I am stockpiling candy for the next Double XP event, stockpiling coins (for the next sale) and leveling up my biggest Dragons and Tyrants. I am quite happy and content with the way things are going.

And I should note, I am not by any means a "pro player". I play less than an hour per day usually. Sometimes more if I am downtown or have spare time to go for a walk I might play for several hours, but most days it is a more of a "get a few pokestops, catch a few pokemon and then just go home" kind of day.

I currently have 4.33 million XP (level 33, 58.2% of the way to level 34) and have a long way to go to reach level 40 (20 million XP).

I have been playing for 9 months, so at the current rate of XP (481,000 per month) it would take me another 2 years and 8.5 months to reach level 40.

Reach means my son would be born, will two years old and will be celebrating his 3rd Christmas by then. And I can pretty much guarantee that I won't have as much time to play this game after he is born - so expect a delay on that ever happening.

It is after all, just a game. There are other things more precious in life.

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