Backyard Outdoor Dungeons and Dragons

So I saw the images below on a differdifferent website and I thought,  hmm, I wonder if anyone has ever made a backyard dungeon like that for Dungeons and Dragons?

And by dungeon I mean a tiny miniature dungeon for D&D miniatures. Not a big dungeon for whipping your kinky husband in / etc. Nope, we're only talking about roleplaying games here, the kind you play with dice. Not LARPing or anything more adult...


So I went looking for something similar on Google images to see if any gamers have made a D&D dungeon in their garden or backyard. I couldn't find anything that matched the topic but I shall try again in the future. I have not given up.

Years ago I remember joining a game where the DM often hosted sessions outdoors on the patio in the backyard. We would drink lemonade, enjoy the weather and play with miniatures on the patio table under the large patio umbrella. Even had some BBQs out there too. The DM somehow annoyed several of his friends to the point that they stopped coming to his games and he had difficulty finding more people so those games eventually petered out.

But the idea of being able to play D&D outdoors has stuck in my brain ever since.

Other groups and myself have done it on several occasions too, usually in combination with having a BBQ. But the idea of having regular sessions in a backyard, at least during the summer months, I think is still doable. It is really the question of...

1. Having a suitably large backyard.

2. Investing in patio tables that are a good size.

3. Having 1 or more large patio umbrellas. I currently have two, but I lack the backyard...

Thus this really hinges on buying a house with a good size backyard in Toronto, a city with skyrocketing real estate prices. So that won't be happening any time soon, but hey, I can dream right?

Plus for my kids it would be nice to have a place for them to play in... although I must admit I also like the idea of practicing archery in the backyard, as opposed to what I currently do which is practice in the garage or at the Toronto Public Archery Range.

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