Free Fantasy eBooks, September 10th to 14th

 I periodically have book sales (usually half price) and also free ebook offers. Currently the following fantasy ebooks are available from September 10th until September 14th:


Portal of Destiny

Wulfric has grown weary of hunting in the Snowfell Mountains of Korovia and decides to head south, looking for danger and adventure. What he finds however is a portal that takes him back in time to when legendary warriors walked the land, and when great dragons ate warriors like himself as a snack.

The legendary origin story of Sword and Sorcery hero Wulfric the Wanderer.

 Visit to learn more about the land of Korovia and other books by Charles Moffat.


The Bogatyr & the Rusalka's Lament

The Bogatyr knight hears the haunting singing of a Rusalka before arriving in the Habbel city of Shorin, where he later learns that there is a wanted poster for the Rusalka. Short on coin, he hatches a scheme for how to defeat her, but killing her and actually getting paid for his hard often requires a little extra effort.

The Adventures of the Bogatyr" is a series of short stories, novelettes and novellas, telling the tales of a wandering Bogatyr knight who encounters strange magical phenomenon, unusual creatures (both living and undead), and the sometimes mean spirited humans, elves and other humanoids who live in the kingdom of Korovia.


The Dragontree of Kaŝe

Adaoma is working in her crystal ball and magical orb shop in the mystical hidden city of Kaŝe off the coast from Lagos, Nigeria when she receives a strange phone call from her twin sister Adaora. Her twin tells her that terrorists have escaped from Rura Penthe, the extra-dimensional prison for housing criminal wizards and witches. But to escape the clutches of the law the terrorists need a portal to another world and only one such portal exists: The Dragontree of Kaŝe.

Join Adaoma and Adaora on their adventures as they travel from Nigeria and Greenland to London and Lagos and back to the hidden city of Kaŝe as they struggle to stop the terrorists from escaping. But the terrorists didn't escape by accident. They had help from the biggest dragon anyone has ever seen. They might be skilled witches, but they are no match for a gigantic dragon that is immune to magic.

Canadian author Charles Moffat explores AfroFantasy, Urban Fantasy and High Fantasy in this fast paced fantasy adventure for all ages. Learn more by visiting

The Sunken Castle

Wrathgar and Soljargon are venturing south towards the capital city of Oraknev and are hired by a group of four gnomes to help them navigate through a flooded swamp in order to create a new trade route. The gnomes suspect the region is now populated with snake worshipers who follow the snake god Set, but much worse than snakes now populates this forbidding trek of swampy land. When they arrive at a castle sunken into the swamp they decide to make camp for night... And then things go from bad to worse.

Part of The Adventures of Wrathgar series of novels and short stories. Visit to see the reading order.


Check once per week to see what is available for free or on sale.

Many of the stories are also available in paperback format if you prefer paper over digital. 

1/2 Price Sales!

The following two ebooks are also currently on sale (half price) from September 10th to 16th. However these particular sales are only good in the USA and the UK.

The Assassin's Trail

$2.99 (regularly $5.99) per ebook.

$9.99 per paperback, $19.99 per hardcover.

Five years after undergoing the Test of Manhood, young Wrathgar has come of age and is tasked with bringing back the head of the murderer Muddenklaw who sought vengeance against his own people and murdered innocents. But Muddenklaw has escaped from the Snowfell Mountains and fled south past the dreaded Ogre Swamp to the more civilized lands to the south, becoming a murderer-for-hire.

Will Wrathgar be able to find the murderer, and bring about justice for those who were killed? Or will Muddenklaw escape into a world of assassins who hide in the shadows waiting to strike? Who will win in the showdown between the barbarian ranger and the assassin?


The Coven's Wolves

$4.99 (regularly $9.99) per ebook.

$15.99 per paperback, $29.99 per hardcover.

Wrathgar has decided to wait out the harsh Korovian winter in an inn south of Oraknev, home to legendary hot springs said to have healing properties. But not everything at the hot springs are as they seem. First one of the guests is mysteriously murdered and the bite marks suggest they were mauled by some kind of large wolf. Dark forces are at work at the hot springs and the other people staying at the inn to wait out the winter are in for more danger than they bargained for at a place that is supposed to increase your longevity.

With bow and arrow, Wrathgar and others set out to kill the mysterious wolf that is killing the inn's patrons, but there is more than one wolf - and some of the wolves are possessed by some kind of dark magic. They begin to fear they are but lambs to the slaughter.

A fantastical murder mystery story by Charles Moffat set in the kingdom of Korovia. Learn more by visiting

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