Free Fantasy eBooks, September 17th to 21st

I periodically have book sales (usually half price) and also free ebook offers. Currently the following fantasy ebooks are available from September 17th until September 21st:


Dark Shadows in the Moonlight

The Bogatyr knight has been hired by a Habbel village to track down a forest demon that murdered three children and kill it, but can he defeat the huge beast? And why did the demonic Leshy attack the Habbel village in the first place?

The Adventures of the Bogatyr" is a series of short stories, novelettes and novellas, telling the tales of a wandering Bogatyr knight who encounters strange magical phenomenon, unusual creatures (both living and undead), and the sometimes mean spirited humans, elves and other humanoids who live in the kingdom of Korovia.

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The Cult of the She-Bear

Wulfric the Wanderer has traveled back in time to Korovia's Stone Age, when it is on the cusp of the Bronze Age. He has earned the trust and respect of the chieftain Ko Margus, and Wulfric has accepted that he is somehow destined to be trapped in this time period for the time being. But trouble is afoot. The priest of the tribe doesn't trust him and is growing suspicious. Worse, the tribe is being splintered between those who worship the tribe's horse god and a cult within their ranks of those who worship a she-bear goddess.

When the tribe finds megalithic carvings of bears in the side of a mountain the two sides begin to bicker about whether to destroy the carvings. Wulfric decides to investigate the nearby caves and the cave art within, finding more caverns that delve deeper into the mountain. What he doesn't know is that the bear carvings outside are magical wards that prevent a demonic entity inside the mountain from escaping. If the carvings are destroyed the entity will be freed and it will be able to feed once more...


The Quorum of Kaŝe

Books I and II of The Quorum of Kaŝe duology by Charles Moffat.

The Dragontree of Kaŝe

Adaoma is working in her crystal ball and magical orb shop in the mystical hidden city of Kaŝe off the coast from Lagos, Nigeria when she receives a strange phone call from her twin sister Adaora. Her twin tells her that terrorists have escaped from Rura Penthe, the extra-dimensional prison for housing criminal wizards and witches. But to escape the clutches of the law the terrorists need a portal to another world and only one such portal exists: The Dragontree of Kaŝe.

Join Adaoma and Adaora on their adventures as they travel from Nigeria and Greenland to London to Nigeria and back to the hidden city of Kaŝe as they struggle to stop the terrorists from escaping. But the terrorists didn't escape by accident. They had help from the biggest dragon anyone has ever seen. They might be skilled witches, but they are no match for a gigantic dragon that is immune to magic.

The Dragonslayers of Kaŝe

Adaora wants revenge on the huge ancient dragon who destroyed the mystical hidden city of Kaŝe that lies off the coast of Lagos Nigeria. Her home is in ruins and while the survivors are rebuilding the city it will never be the same. The scars run too deep. She isn't alone either. Others like her want to kill the dragon, but killing the dragon is no easy matter. It is almost completely immune to magic. Witches, war wizards, archmages... It doesn't matter. Their magic is useless against the dragon.

"Like trying to kill a fish by splashing it with water." So says her twin sister Adaoma. Her twin is resistant to getting revenge on the dragon, but together Orry and Oma must find a way. They know how to get to the dragon's home world via the Dragontree of Kaŝe, and they know how to find the dragon using a new Dragonorb that Oma is making. Once they are there however they need to use some mundane means to kill the dragon - and without getting killed themselves.



Check once per week to see what is available for free or on sale.

Many of the stories are also available in paperback format if you prefer paper over digital.


Only $20 USD per post. Contact for more details.

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