Free Fantasy eBooks, September 3rd to 7th

I periodically have book sales (usually half price) and also free ebook offers. Currently the following fantasy ebooks are available from September 3rd until September 7th:

The Dragonslayers of Kaŝe

Adaora wants revenge on the huge ancient dragon who destroyed the mystical hidden city of Kaŝe that lies off the coast of Lagos Nigeria. Her home is in ruins and while the survivors are rebuilding the city it will never be the same. The scars run too deep. She isn't alone either. Others like her want to kill the dragon, but killing the dragon is no easy matter. It is almost completely immune to magic. Witches, war wizards, archmages... It doesn't matter. Their magic is useless against the dragon.

"Like trying to kill a fish by splashing it with water." So says her twin sister Adaoma. Her twin is resistant to getting revenge on the dragon, but together Orry and Oma must find a way. They know how to get to the dragon's home world via the Dragontree of Kaŝe, and they know how to find the dragon using a new Dragonorb that Oma is making. Once they are there however they need to use some mundane means to kill the dragon - and without getting killed themselves.

Book II of the Quorum of Kaŝe Duology. Part of Moffat's "Alt-Earth" series

Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar

Tahira, Wulfric's great love, is dead and the barbarian from Korovia decides to strike out on his own. His journey brings him to a Quinian trading post on the coast of Al-Kazar... But what he encounters there however is black magic and 'Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar'. Forced into slavery Wulfric the Wanderer must unlock his own rage within the dark abyss of his soul.

The She-Wolf of Eraska

The Bogatyr knight, Ilya Bogdanovic, regales the minstrel Valeska with a story of werewolves while waiting for service at the Griffon and Gables. But the story takes a dark turn when he reveals the werewolves are led by a She-Wolf, one of the legendary progenitors of lycanthropy, who have other more devious means for turning men into werewolves...

"The Adventures of the Bogatyr" is a series of short stories, novelettes and novellas, telling the tales of a wandering Bogatyr knight who encounters strange magical phenomenon, unusual creatures (both living and undead), and the sometimes mean spirited humans, elves and other humanoids who live in the kingdom of Korovia.


Check once per week to see what is available for free or on sale.

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