The Adventures of the Bogatyr, Short Fiction Series

The Bogatyr is a class of Slavic knight popular in folktales and legends from the Slavic region of Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania, etc). In the stories Bogatyr knights often were wanderers who sometimes possessed supernatural powers or magic which helped them to achieve their goals. Eg. In one story one of the characters gained "giant strength" from a giant Bogatyr and was super strong afterwards.

In my literary fantasy world of Korovia however, I have taken it a step further. My version of Bogatyrs has access to specific kinds of magic, similar to a wizard or a cleric (as per Dungeons and Dragons), or similar to a Witcher from Andrzej Sapkowski's books, and in order to test the knight's abilities I even made a 2nd Edition Bogatyr character class which clearly spells out what the Bogatyr's abilities are.

But I wasn't done obviously. I have also written a series of 8 pieces of short fiction which are available to read via Amazon Kindle (a new one is released every 2 months), and I am planning to release them as an anthology in paperback and hardcover formats sometime in 2023.


  1. The Bogatyr & the Cursed Inn
  2. Dark Shadow in the Moonlight
  3. The Bogatyr & the Rusalka's Lament
  4. The Bogatyr & the Gentle Giant
  5. A Bag of Silver, A Bag of Bones
  6. The She-Wolf of Eraska
  7. The Midnight Dragon
  8. The Bogatyr & the Cursed Parcel (Coming January 1st 2023)

The individual stories are priced at $0.99 each, with the exception of two of the stories which are significantly longer and priced at $2.99 each.

I am also working on a trilogy of three Bogatyr novels, which will follow the adventures of Ilya and Dobrynya and other Bogatyr knights. But for those who love a good story about a wandering knight / monster hunter, with the occasional bit of time travel / time paradoxes in there, plus some dark fantasy, grimdark, or old school Sword & Sorcery well then this is something you are likely to enjoy reading... Please enjoy the short stories!

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