The BBC Version of Gormenghast

The BBC version of Gormenghast made in 2000 brings together a variety of unusual fantasy elements, but without the usual magic and monsters that you normally see in a fantasy book or films.

What you get instead is a giant fantastical castle, the size of a large city, and one of the best villains you will ever see in any books: Steerpike.

Steerpike is arguably the perfect villain. He has motivations. He is ambitious. He is in love. He is Machiavellian in his schemes.

The BBC version of Gormenghast only covers the first two books of the series, ignoring the third book "Titus Alone", in which the character Titus Groan journeys beyond the valley of Gormenghast, gets lost and people don't even believe him when he describes the castle of Gormenghast.

The good news is that you can watch the BBC version of Gormenghast on YouTube. See the videos further below.

Alternatively you can easily get copies of the books (or ebooks or audiobooks) from your local libraries because Gormenghast is considered to be a classic.

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