2nd Edition AD&D Bogatyr Warrior Class

Bogatyr, Warrior Class

Ability Requirements: Strength 15, Constitution 15, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 13
Prime Requisites: Strength and Wisdom
Races Allowed: Human Only

The Bogatyr is a Slavic warrior-hero similar to a knight who rarely uses magic. Magic for the Bogatyr is a bit of a double-edged sword. It has its uses, for sure, but they try to avoid using magic if they can. Instead the Bogatyr are focused on pursuits that improve their skills as warriors, and while they do sometimes use magic to bolster their abilities, they prefer to be reliant on their strength, intellect and wisdom.

Fantasy Note - Okay, so the fables and legends of Bogatyr do not strictly say whether or not Bogatyr had any magical talent. Some did. Some did not. Some had "supernatural strength" or other abilities. The Bogatyr presented here is partially a variant on the concept of the Witcher from Andrzej Sapkowski. I created this more fantasy themed version of the Bogatyr in order to introduce a strongman/Witcher-esque warrior/spellcaster that has a Slavic theme into my existing campaign world. Could players just play a Fighter/Wizard instead? Absolutely. Some do. But for those who want to try something with a specific Slavic flavour, this is something fun to play.

Only humans can become Bogatyrs, as their belief that magic is a double edged sword is a cultural belief unique to humans. Strength is the most important ability for a Bogatyr, but Wisdom is also useful as their magic is partially divine in origin. A Bogatyr with 16 or higher in both Strength and Wisdom gains a 10 percent bonus to the experience points he/she earns.

Bogatyrs prefer to be light and mobile in their armour. As such they are restricted to chainmail (AC 5) or less armour. It is possible for them to wear more armour, but it negates their ability to cast their magic.

Bogatyrs use the Ranger Experience Level chart.

Bogatyrs use Warrior Thac0 progression.

Bogatyrs use the Warrior Saving Throw progression chart.

Base Proficiencies

Weapon Proficiencies: 4
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: 3

Proficiency Progression: As Fighter.

Bogatyr are fond of swords and bows. Common weapons for them to learn are bastard sword, longbow, spear and lance. Unlike Paladins and Rangers who cannot specialize in a particular weapon, the Bogatyr can specialize but are restricted in what weapons they can choose to specialize in. They can only specialize in a sword, a bow, a spear, or a lance.

Bogatyr are skilled in many different things and may choose proficiencies from General, Priest, Rogue, Warrior and Wizard lists.

Common NWP skills for a Bogatyr to learn are: Animal Training/Falconry, Heraldry, Riding/Horse, Musical Instrument/Violin, Read/Write, Singing. If multiple Bogatyr are traveling together often each one will learn a different musical instrument.

Bogatyr Magic

Bogatyrs do not have a lot of magic. Their spell list is very limited and they don't actually learn that many spells over time. Nor is their casting ability that great. They cast spells as if they were half their class level, rounded up. Eg. A 5th level Bogatyr's caster level is 3.

While they do learn magic sooner than paladins or rangers, by the time they reach higher levels paladins, rangers and Bogatyrs have comparable magical skill.

Bogatyr magic is a mixture of both arcane and divine magic, and as such do not gain bonus spells like a cleric does for having a high Wisdom.

Bogatyr do not memorize or pray for spells. They simply know the spells from their spell list and may cast any spell of their choice, of the appropriate spell level, based on the number of spells they can cast due to their level per day. The number of spells they can cast resets after 8 hours of sleep.

Bogatyr Spell List

1 - Bless, Light, Magical Stone, Mount, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear.
2 - Barkskin, Blur, Flame Blade, Spiritual Hammer, Strength.
3 - Feign Death, Prayer, Protection from Evil 10' Radius, Protection from Normal Missiles, Remove Curse.
4 - Atonement, Cloak of Bravery, Emotion (Courage, Happiness, Hope only), Enchanted Weapon, Free Action, Quest.

Bogatyr Ethos and Restrictions

Bogatyr must be either Lawful or Good or both. LG, LN, LE, NG or CG are all acceptable alignments. A Bogatyr who ceases to operate within these alignment restrictions loses their spellcasting ability and can no longer go up levels in Bogatyr until they complete an Atonement, a Quest, and return to an acceptable alignment.

The Bogatyr can wear heavy armour, but if they do so it interferes with their magical ability. They cannot cast magic if they are wearing anything heavier than chainmail.

A Bogatyr cannot own more than 6 magical items. If they do so their magical abilities cease to function. The overlapping auras of carrying too many magical items interfere with their weak magical skills.

Bogatyrs devote themselves to a particular deity, nation or royal family. A Bogatyr who fails to properly serve their deity, nation or royal family loses their spellcasting ability and must Atone and complete a Quest before their spellcasting ability will return. The Atonement/Quest process typically takes at least a week.

The Evil Bogatyr

So you may have noticed I allowed the option of a LE (Lawful Evil) Bogatyr. This dark warrior has gone astray and become an anti-hero who lacks conventional heroic attributes, but still behaves honourably and within the law. They still follow the word of the law, they would never betray a friend or comrade or break a promise, but they are nevertheless evil.

Often Bogatyr go evil because they either failed to live up to a promise or an oath, and are now willing to commit acts of evil in order to somehow fix the mistake. Or perhaps they did fulfill the oath, but something happened during the process that twisted their sense of morality.

Not everything is black and white. The evil Bogatyr exists in a morally grey area. Or darker still.

Character Class Creation Notes
(See the 2nd Edition Dungeon Master Guide)

0     Human Only
0     Fighter Saving Throws
0     Any Weapons Allowed
2     Fighter Thac0
4     D12 Hit Die
2     Hp 3 beyond 9th level
1     Fighter Str
1     Fighter Con
1.75 WP x4, NWP x3
3     Special Ability: Bogatyr Magic

-0.5 Limited AC 5 or Less
-1    Must Be Lawful OR Good.
-1    Religious and/or Patriotic Ethos
-1    Cannot own more than 6 magical items

Total 11.25 or Ranger XP Progression

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