Eugene "Boggy" Bogdanski - 1st/2nd AD&D Edition Sample Henchman


I made the following elf for my current Roll20 game "Dark Ages of Korovia". And elf named Eugene? Yep, hence why he goes by his nickname "Boggy".

Constitution Dump Stat? Yep. Honestly in 2nd Edition have a Con of 7 to 14 makes basically no different in stats. The only things it changes is System Shock and Resurrection Survival... and for a henchman, these things are less important. If a henchman dies... we can always introduce a new henchman. Easy peasy henchman got squeezeed...

Check out my previous post on the topic of The Rarely Used Henchman and why DMs should be using them more often. Eg. Their best usage is arguably for whenever a character is knocked unconscious/captured/etc and the player can play the henchman until their own character is back up and running.

Eugene "Boggy" Bogdanski

3rd Level Elf Thief, Chaotic Good

Str 13
Dex 19
Con 7
Int 13
Wis 11
Chr 17
Com 16

HP 16
AC 14
Thac0 19 / Bonus-To-Hit +1


Shortbow + quiver of 12 sheaf arrows.
2 cp

Shortbow +5 to hit, 1d8 damage.

Longsword +2 to hit, 1d8/1d12.
Longbow +2 to hit, 1d8 damage. (Not proficient in longbow so he gets +5 -3 to his To Hit chance.)

WP: Short Bow/Horsebow, Longsword.

NWP*: Riding/Horse 14, Animal Training/Falconry 11, Disguise 16, Gaming 17, Local History/Weyvin 17, Singing/Polyphonic 17.

* I allow PCs to swap bonus languages to get extra NWP slots.

Languages: Korovian, Elvish.

Sylvan Elf Abilities: +1 with bows, 90% resistance to charm/sleep spells, elf stealth surprise bonus, infravision 60', chance to detect secret doors.

Thief Skills with No Armour*+**: PP 40, OL 25, FART 30, MS 90, HS 90, DN 20, CW 70, RL 0.

* He is currently benefiting from wearing no armour, but if he gains armour his thief skills will go down the appropriate amount.

** Since he boosted his MS/HS so much during the first 3 levels, at levels 4 to 10 the plan is to raise his other 6 thief skills by 5% each per level.

Background Notes:

Raised in Weyvin (which is known for having lots of half-elves) Boggy is actually 1/8th human, dating back to his great-grandfather who married an elf. Likewise his grandfather married an elf, and his father married an elf, and yet Boggy is quite proud of both his human and elf heritage, and will sometimes call himself "part elf" and if anyone asks he will proceed to bore them with his family's ancestry... which goes all the way back to the legendary Bogdan the Battle Behemoth, a hero from the Stone Age (Korovia's equivalent of Hercules).

Boggy is skilled at disguising himself and cheating at gambling, which he sometimes does while disguised as someone else. That way if he gets caught cheating and escapes, somebody else gets blamed. He calls it the "Doppelganger Effect".

Boggy aspires to be able to shoot his shortbow/horsebow from horseback, but to do that he needs to buy a horse first. Or steal one. It is his dream to become a mounted archer, and perhaps someday even get a giant eagle or a similar mount.

Wealth / Lack Thereof:

Boggy is looking to join a party or find a liege he can serve as he has unfortunately gambled most of his money away. He is quite poor. Any new liege will be responsible for giving him armour and weapons, etc.

Having a henchman come with almost no equipment is basically a mostly blank slate for the player(s) to add things to by giving the henchmen things they think the henchman can use. Thieves tools for example could be useful, although Boggy's FART (Find And Remove Traps) check is really low presently.

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