Types of Animated Book Covers, Alphabetical List

I recently decided to invest some time in making moving gif versions of some book covers, and during this process ended up researching various ways of how to make moving gif book covers.

The images below are ones I created while experimenting with different ways to make moving gif book covers.

Also I want to note that there is no one website or app that offers all of these options.

Eg. The site/app Giphy for example only offers 7 different filters for making moving gifs out of a single static image. To do more than that you need to use other websites/apps or to upload multiple images or a video. So for example the snowing gif below had to made using a different website (which unfortunately cropped the image) and the rainbow effect was made using Giphy.

So I need to find a different site that offers the snow effect (possibly even a blizzard) and doesn't crop the image.

Portal of Destiny
Animals/Cars Moving

Background Moving

Blinking/Winking Eyes

Exploding Image/Explosions

Fading Images/Words

Fading Person/Ghost


Flicker/Bad Lighting

Fog Effect

Gears and Lights

Glitchy Screen


Kaleidoscopic Background/Foreground


Lights Off/Lights On
  •     Sudden
  •     Fade In and Out from Dark

Moving Hair/Clothes/Objects (Eg. A swordswoman with a sword, her hair and cape blowing in the wind)

Moving Text

Rain Effect

The Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus
Rainbow Effect

Shaking Person/Object

Shaky/Rumble/Earthquake Effect

Smoke Effect

Snow Effect
  •     Gentle Snow
  •     Snowstorm

Sparkling Object (Eg. Gem, metallic object, glass, etc)

Strobe Light Moving

Transformation (Eg. Man turning into werewolf)


Water Flowing

Watery Ripples


Wind Effect (Blowing debris)

Written Text Appearing

Why make moving gif book covers?

I intend to use the above images in social media to promote and sell my fantasy books on Amazon and other websites. Basically it all comes down to marketing and advertising, to help capture the attention of people browsing my Twitter feed / Facebook fan page / etc.

Some ebook sellers also now allow book covers to be moving gifs, which means a book cover can now be dynamic. So in the future this might become a more common practice for selling ebooks.


Regarding my own books they are also available as trade paperbacks (sometimes in large print). Print books still make up 76% of all books sold. Ebooks is 18% and Audiobooks is 6%. Books in Braille make up less than 1% of total book sales. Some day I would like to have my books available in audiobooks and braille.

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