The Lilith Bloodstone Series is on Sale

Greetings Charles Moffat Fans!

During the whole month of February my dark fantasy "Lilith Bloodstone Series" ebooks will be on sale.

There will be a different sale each week. Four weeks, four different sales.

The schedule for the sales are as follows:

Book I, The Black Rose
On Sale Feb 1st to 7th.
$1.99 (Regularly $3.49 USD)

Book II, On Death's Door
On Sale Feb 8th to 14th.
$1.99 (Regularly $3.99 USD)

Book III, The Astral Plane
On Sale Feb 15th to 21st.
$1.99 (Regularly $3.99 USD)

And the Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus eBook, which contains all three books, will be on sale:
Feb 22nd to 28th. $4.99 USD. (Regularly $9.99.)

If you prefer to buy the trade paperback of the Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus you can get it now for $17.99 USD.

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