The Demon's Sacrifice, a Heroic Fantasy novel by Charles Moffat

December 1st 2019

By Charles Moffat

My newest novel was released today. I arranged it for pre-order over a month ago.

The book in question has been on my To Do List for 12 years.

It has sat on the backburner many times during that 12 year period.

It went through seven rewrites. As in, start from scratch, rewrite the whole thing.

The final "official version" that was released today is basically version 7.4.

The painting on the cover art is also by myself.

I have decided that in the future I will be paint all my own covers. Part of the reason is because I find that when I hire an illustrator they have difficulty following instructions / completing the piece the way I want it done, thus if I want it done properly I should just do it myself.

And yes, there are definitely giant ravens in the book. :)

The Demon's Sacrifice - Available on Amazon Kindle for $8.99.

The sleepy farming village of Millkrest has been attacked and their virgin priestess has been abducted, presumably to be sacrificed to the foul god Masexus at a shrine deep in the woods east of the village. The barbarian Wrathgar teams up with the wizard Soljargon, the half-elf priestess Helene, the skilled elf archer Gyburn, and the halfling sneak-thief Kaeto in order to rescue her. If sacrificed her life-force will be used to summon a demon prince...

But they are heavily outnumbered and teamwork is not their strong suit, and Wrathgar has been forced into a leadership role when he has no experience in leading others. Worse, Gyburn and Kaeto keep arguing, and Kaeto keeps getting into trouble. What will Wrathgar have to do to forge the group into a team? What will it take to rescue the priestess and prevent the demon prince from being summoned? What sacrifices will have to be made in order to defeat the evil brewing deep in the woods?

Meanwhile the Xarsian priest Mordechai is on loan to the Masexites and beholden to the High Priest of Masexus. Ostracized by his own dark church, he finds himself allied with murderers, rapists and criminals. Firm in his belief that Xarsius is the true god of evil and that Masexus is just some minor god Mordechai secretly seeks ways to fulfill his own bloodthirsty desires and find a new liege who has loftier goals than slaughtering a single farming village.

The villagers of Millkrest are depending on this small band of heroes to rescue their priestess and avenge their fallen. Can Wrathgar rise to the challenges of leadership? Can his companions learn to work as a team?


"The Demon's Sacrifice" is Book II of the Adventures of Wrathgar. You do not need to read Book I (The Assassin's Trail - Ebook $2.99 / Paperback $6.49 USD) to enjoy Book II. Each book can stand on its own.

Yes, I will be releasing a paperback version of "The Demon's Sacrifice" soon. Probably within the next week.

All of the Wrathgar books take place in the fictional kingdom of Korovia, which is also featured in the Lilith Bloodstone Series, the Wulfric the Wanderer Series and other books.

I will be releasing a new Wrathgar short story on March 1st 2020: The Blizzard's Daughter.

Got any questions? Post a comment below or contact the author on Twitter or Facebook.

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