Facebook Advertising... No Good for Writers

I recently did an experiment with Facebook Advertising promoting one of my paperback books and have come to the following conclusions:

#1. You are basically paying 50 cents per Like and it will cost you a minimum of $10 just to experiment.
#2. There is no guarantee you make any book sales.
#3. It is time consuming to setup the ad to an audience that is more likely to buy your book and then you waste more time monitoring the results.
#4. You are better off using free methods of self promotion. Takes less time and money.

#5. Complete waste of time and money.
I have been sharing the results of my experiment on Facebook, Twitter and other sites using the following graphic.


The book I was promoting was my Lilith Bloodstone Omnibus, an anthology of nine dark fantasy short stories featuring the titular necromancer Lilith Bloodstone.

Included in this volume are:

  1. The Black Rose
  2. Rise of the Red Moon
  3. The Baby & the Village
  4. One to be Reckoned With
  5. The Night of the Dead
  6. On Death's Door
  7. The Emissary of Darkness
  8. The Astral Plane
  9. Out for Blood

The paperback is currently $6.99 USD on Amazon.com. Regularly $8.99.





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