Forgotten Realms in Toronto

Today I did several things...

One - I started a new blog post label "Forgotten Realms in Toronto" which relates specifically to my Monday Forgotten Realms campaign. AKA, Monday Night Modules. This is mostly for my use, so I can place public notes about the campaign on the website and if I need to find them quickly I can just click a single bookmark on my phone and scroll down.

Two - I started a discussion board thread on titled "Forgotten Realms 5th Edition " which also pertains to the same game, on which I posted the following:

Since June of 2016 I have been running a Forgotten Realms 5th edition game at the Ryerson Hub Cafeteria. The group meets every 2 or 3 weeks, which allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and we also allow drop-in players to join. See the latest group event postings for details.

We have now expanded and have two DMs, which means instead of 8 players we now have a cap of 16 players. If 9 or more people show up, we separate into two groups and run two groups simultaneously, which can both interact/influence each other/events in the region.

This style of gaming dates back to Gary Gygax / Dave Arneson running huge gaming sessions in Castle Greyhawk (an immense dungeon) and marking off rooms that had been completed with an X. We are doing something similar, but are currently in the Stonelands region of Cormyr - which is a region dotted with dungeons and adventuring opportunities.

In order to allow parties to pick and choose which adventures they want to go on, our goal has been to create a map of possible adventures so that regardless of where the two parties (Alpha Team and Omega Team) go there are adventure hooks for them to choose from.

The game started in Eveningstar, running the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. The party is now in Arabel, where they now have a wide assortment of quests to choose from.

People wishing to join have but to find the latest event posting.

February 13th 2017:­

Three - I am working on constructing / finishing up an Adventuring Map, which both myself and my colleague DM will be able to use to coordinate which adventures / adventure hooks are available to the party depending on their location.

So if they go to section C3 on the map, the adventure hook of a specific module (or homebrew adventure) will be available.

If they go to D2 on the map, a different module or homebrew adventure will be available.

And so on and so forth.

Making an Adventuring Map means I am basically going over older maps of Cormyr, the region the party is currently in, and picking out specific quest modules (including Dungeon Magazine Adventures set in the Forgotten Realms). Some maps, as you can see below, are much more detailed than others. My preference is for the older maps and I am taking notes from the new maps and making a Master Adventuring Map which leaves nothing out.

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