Wonder Woman schools a Dictator...

The above image of a dictator getting schooled by Wonder Woman reminds me of Donald Trump.

Trump, aka He Who Must Not Be Named, is basically a James Bond villain.

With nuclear weapons.

And brags about how super rich he is. Like Goldfinger and a host of other Bond villains. Only problem is Trump is real, and James Bond is fictional.

Trump also bears similarities to Voldermort (the villain from Harry Potter) with his obsession against Muslims and Mexicans - whereas in the Harry Potter franchise, Voldermort hates "mudbloods" and "muggles", but the comparison is apt.

Clearly Darth Trump is strong with the power of the Dark Side.

In Star Trek terms Trump is basically a Ferengi. And the USA just elected him Grand Nagus, with the power to commit genocide and nuclear war.

And last but not least...

Game of Thrones. In which Trump is basically like almost every villain you can think of.

Sadly Wonder Woman isn't around to school Donald Trump on why he is an horrible person and how we probably destroy the USA and the word "Trump" in the future will have a very different meaning.

Fool. Stupid. Racist. Worse than Hitler. That kind of thing. Trump will make Hitler look like an amateur.

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