List of Afro Fantasy Books

  1. Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi: In a world where magic has been suppressed, Zélie Adebola, a young maji with extraordinary abilities, embarks on a dangerous quest to restore magic and bring justice to her people. With the help of her brother and a rogue princess, Zélie races against time to unlock the power of an ancient artifact and confront a ruthless king who seeks to eradicate magic forever. Filled with lush worldbuilding inspired by West African mythology, this gripping Afro Fantasy explores themes of oppression, identity, and the resilience of the human spirit.

  2. Children of Virtue and Vengeance, by Tomi Adeyemi: In this thrilling sequel to "Children of Blood and Bone," Zélie and her allies struggle to navigate the consequences of their actions in their fight against tyranny. As tensions rise between the maji and the monarchy, Zélie must grapple with newfound powers and the weight of leadership while facing betrayal and heartache. With war on the horizon and the fate of magic hanging in the balance, Zélie must make difficult choices to protect her people and secure a future where they can thrive.

  3. Kingdom of Copper, by S.A. Chakraborty: Set in a vividly realized world inspired by medieval Islamic history, "Kingdom of Copper" continues the epic tale of Nahri, a young con artist with hidden magical abilities. After inadvertently summoning a djinn and discovering her true heritage, Nahri is thrust into the dangerous and opulent city of Daevabad. As political tensions rise and old rivalries resurface, Nahri must navigate a treacherous web of power struggles and confront her own identity as she becomes embroiled in a war that could change the fate of kingdoms.

  4. The Famished Road, by Ben Okri: In this lyrical and mystical novel, a spirit child known as Azaro is born into the abject poverty and political turmoil of Nigeria. Azaro straddles the boundary between the spirit world and the human realm, witnessing the struggles and dreams of the people around him. Through vivid prose and magical realism, "The Famished Road" explores themes of spirituality, destiny, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

  5. Wizard of the Crow, by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o: Set in a fictional African country, this satirical and politically charged novel follows the exploits of an ordinary man named Kamiti. As Kamiti becomes entangled in the machinations of a corrupt and oppressive regime, he discovers hidden powers and assumes the identity of a powerful wizard. Blending elements of fantasy and social commentary, "Wizard of the Crow" delves into themes of power, dictatorship, and the struggle for freedom.

  6. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, by Amos Tutuola: Amos Tutuola's imaginative novel takes readers on a surreal and enchanting journey through the Nigerian bush. The story follows a young boy named Olatunji who, after becoming lost, finds himself in a supernatural realm populated by ghosts, spirits, and other mystical creatures. Through vivid storytelling and folklore-inspired imagery, "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" explores themes of spirituality, transformation, and the interplay between the physical and spiritual worlds.

  1. The Icarus Girl, by Helen Oyeyemi: "The Icarus Girl" tells the haunting story of Jessamy Harrison, a young girl of Nigerian and British descent, who discovers a mysterious new friend named TillyTilly. TillyTilly seems to possess supernatural abilities and shares a deep connection with Jessamy. As Jessamy's friendship with TillyTilly grows, it unlocks a world of folklore, duality, and hidden truths. Blending elements of psychological suspense and magical realism, this captivating novel delves into themes of identity, cultural heritage, and the complexities of childhood.

  2. Akata Witch, by Nnedi Okorafor: "Akata Witch" follows the journey of twelve-year-old Sunny Nwazue, a Nigerian-American girl who discovers she has magical powers and is part of a secret society of young African witches. Sunny and her friends must navigate the dangerous world of supernatural beings and face a formidable enemy threatening both the human and magical realms. Infused with West African mythology and culture, this thrilling coming-of-age tale explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the power of embracing one's heritage.

  3. Rosewater, by Tade Thompson: Set in a near-future Nigeria, "Rosewater" introduces readers to Kaaro, a sensitive and complex character who has psychic abilities. Kaaro lives in the town of Rosewater, built around an alien biodome with mysterious healing powers. As the secrets of the biodome unravel, Kaaro becomes embroiled in a web of conspiracy, government cover-ups, and encounters with extraterrestrial entities. Blending elements of science fiction, African folklore, and cyberpunk, "Rosewater" explores themes of identity, memory, and the impact of colonialism.

  4. Redemption in Indigo, by Karen Lord: "Redemption in Indigo" is a captivating blend of folklore, fantasy, and storytelling. The novel follows the journey of Paama, a woman who acquires the Chaos Stick, a powerful and enigmatic artifact that grants her the ability to manipulate the forces of the universe. As Paama's life intertwines with mythical creatures and trickster spirits, she embarks on a quest for balance and wisdom. Drawing inspiration from West African oral traditions, this unique tale explores themes of choice, destiny, and the interconnectedness of all things.

  5. Freshwater, by Akwaeke Emezi: "Freshwater" is a powerful and poetic exploration of identity, spirituality, and mental health. Ada, a young Nigerian woman, is inhabited by multiple spirits known as ogbanje, who shape her thoughts and actions. As Ada navigates the complexities of her fractured self, she confronts societal expectations, trauma, and the intersection of the spiritual and physical realms. Blurring the boundaries between realism and mythology, "Freshwater" delves into themes of self-acceptance, gender, and the search for personal autonomy.

  6. Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes: In a gritty and fantastical Johannesburg, "Zoo City" introduces readers to Zinzi December, a former journalist burdened with a dark secret. In this alternate reality, individuals with criminal pasts are magically bonded with animal familiars, and Zinzi's connection is a sloth. When she takes on a missing persons case, Zinzi uncovers a dangerous conspiracy that forces her to confront her own past and confront the consequences of her choices. "Zoo City" explores themes of redemption, urban decay, and the complex interplay between humans and animals.

  7. Everfair, by Nisi Shawl: "Everfair" presents an alternate history of the Congo during the colonial era, where a group of idealists, including African and European visionaries, create a utopian refuge called Everfair. Against the backdrop of a tumultuous period, the story follows multiple characters as they navigate political struggles, cultural clashes, and the development of new technologies. With steampunk elements and a diverse cast, "Everfair" delves into themes of resistance, decolonization, and the resilience of marginalized communities.

  8. Beastkeeper, by Cat Hellisen: "Beastkeeper" tells the enchanting and dark tale of Sarah, a young girl whose family is cursed to turn into animals. Faced with her mother's transformation and her father's abandonment, Sarah embarks on a journey to break the curse and understand the mysteries surrounding her family's past. As she delves deeper into the magical realms, Sarah must confront her own fears, discover her true identity, and find a way to reclaim her family's humanity. This atmospheric and lyrical novel explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the transformative power of acceptance.

These books by Afro Fantasy authors offer a diverse range of narratives, drawing on rich cultural influences, folklore, and themes that resonate deeply with readers.

Bonus: The Dragontree of Kaŝe, by Charles Moffat

In "The Dragontree of Kaŝe" by Charles Moffat, readers are introduced to Adaoma, a skilled magician running a crystal ball and magical orb shop in the mystical hidden city of Kaŝe, just off the coast of Lagos, Nigeria. Adaoma's peaceful existence is disrupted when she receives a frantic phone call from her twin sister, Adaora. Adaora reveals that dangerous terrorists have escaped from Rura Penthe, an extra-dimensional prison that holds criminal wizards and witches.

The terrorists are desperate to avoid capture, and their only means of escape is through a portal located in the Dragontree of Kaŝe. Adaoma and Adaora embark on a thrilling adventure that takes them from Nigeria to Greenland, London, Lagos, and back to the hidden city of Kaŝe. Their mission is to prevent the terrorists from utilizing the portal and wreaking havoc in other worlds. However, the terrorists have enlisted the aid of an enormous dragon, rendering them nearly invincible against magical attacks.

Author Charles Moffat, hailing from Canada, weaves together elements of AfroFantasy, Urban Fantasy, and High Fantasy in this fast-paced, all-ages fantasy adventure. The story explores a unique "Alt-Earth" setting, an alternative version of Earth where wizards, witches, vigilantes, superheroes, ancient artifacts, dragons, sea serpents, cat burglars, and assassins coexist. Moffat's blend of historical fiction, alternative history, and magic creates a captivating backdrop that allows both extraordinary magical heroes and more grounded, realistic characters to shine.

"The Dragontree of Kaŝe" promises an exhilarating journey through diverse locations and showcases a world where fantastical elements intertwine with everyday heroism. To learn more about this thrilling AfroFantasy tale, readers can visit

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