Wulfric the Wanderer and Wulfric the Gladiator

During the process of writing my Wulfric the Wanderer series of Sword & Sorcery short fiction stories (which includes anything from short stories to novelettes to novellas) I decided that I would organize the stories into smaller trilogies which I can potentially later publish as larger books.

I felt I should do this partially because it means I am following in the publishing footsteps of Robert E. Howard (the creator of Conan the Barbarian), who played an enormous influence on the creation of Wulfric the Wanderer.

I felt that publishing the stories in sets of three would be beneficial in terms of theme, but also with respect to story telling because certain characters show up repeatedly in all 3 books of a trilogy.

Eg. Ko Margus appears in all three stories of the Wanderer Cycle, but does not yet appear in any other books.

I have finished the first trilogy:

The Wanderer Cycle

Portal of Destiny

The Cult of the She-Bear

Born of Blood and Ice 


 And I am currently working on the second trilogy:


The Gladiator Cycle

The Scarlet Arena

Rebellion in the City of Gold (Coming in 2024.)

Jewels of Time (Coming in 2025.)


I chose the word "cycle" because I wanted to differentiate that it wasn't necessarily a trilogy, because (oddly enough) I might later add more stories to individual cycles, so that might not stay trilogies.

Of course, I am still working on the Wulfric series, and some of the stories were published out of chronological order. Thus the following stories are currently available, but aren't currently part of a cycle. I can tell you however that I have ideas for the names of the cycles that those books will be part of, and I can also say that I have ideas for some of the stories that will be part of those cycles, but I am trying to prioritize publishing any new stories in chronological order.


Shifting Shadows in Iztark

Black Monoliths of Al-Kazar

The Unbreakable Arrow

The Raven’s Feast

Sadly it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes the creative urge strikes me and I end up writing a story (and finishing it) so I may also publish more stories out of order. Oh well. It happens.

Happy reading! 

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