Weird Westerns and Other Western Subgenres

As part of my foray into writing Weird Westerns (or Fantasy Westerns) I have invested some time and effort into researching the other types of Western subgenres.

Here's a list of literature subgenres for Westerns:

  1. Classic Westerns: These are the traditional Western stories that capture the spirit of the American frontier, featuring cowboys, outlaws, lawmen, and rugged landscapes.

  2. Revenge Westerns: Stories centered around the protagonist seeking vengeance against those who have wronged them, often with themes of justice and redemption.

  3. Outlaw Westerns: These stories focus on the lives of outlaws, portraying their adventures, conflicts, and often exploring their complex moral codes.

  4. Women of the West: Westerns that place strong female characters at the forefront, highlighting their struggles and triumphs in a male-dominated society.

  5. Native American Westerns: Westerns that explore the lives and cultures of Native American tribes, often offering alternative perspectives on the history of the American West.

  6. Mystery Westerns: Blend the elements of a traditional Western with a mystery narrative, featuring detectives, sheriffs, or ordinary people trying to solve crimes or uncover hidden truths.

  7. Historical Westerns: Set in specific periods of history, these Westerns provide a glimpse into the past, incorporating real events, figures, or settings.

  8. Steampunk Westerns: Combine Western themes with elements of steampunk, creating an alternative history where steam-powered technology exists alongside the Wild West.

  9. Weird West: This subgenre combines Western themes with elements of fantasy, horror, or supernatural, introducing mythical creatures, magic, or the occult to the Western setting.

  10. Post-Apocalyptic Westerns: Set in a dystopian or post-apocalyptic future, these Westerns explore the remnants of society in a harsh and lawless landscape.

  11. Space Westerns: Also known as "Cowboy Bebop" or "Firefly" style, these stories transport Western tropes and settings into outer space, featuring futuristic technology, interplanetary travel, and space cowboys.

  12. Contemporary Westerns: Modern-day Western stories that reflect the challenges and conflicts of the present, often addressing social and environmental issues relevant to the time.

These are just a few subgenres within the broader Western genre. Each subgenre offers unique themes, settings, and narrative styles, catering to various reader preferences and interests.

And lest we forget the matter of films... Including films like "Cowboys & Aliens".

 Curious about my Weird Westerns?

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