Popular Western-themed Cosplay Costumes and Characters

Here's a list of popular cosplay costumes based on Westerns and Western subgenres:

  1. Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl: Dress up as a classic cowboy or cowgirl from the Wild West, complete with a hat, boots, jeans, and a fringed vest or jacket.
  2. Outlaw Gunslinger: Channel your inner outlaw by cosplaying as a gunslinger, with a long duster coat, wide-brimmed hat, bandana, and holstered pistols.
  3. Saloon Girl: Embody the spirit of the Old West by cosplaying as a saloon girl, with a frilly dress, corset, feathered headpiece, and fishnet stockings.
  4. Western Lawman: Dress up as a heroic lawman from the Old West, such as Wyatt Earp or Sheriff Buford Pusser, with a badge, sheriff's hat, boots, and a rugged trench coat.
  5. Western Femme Fatale: Embrace the allure of the femme fatale by cosplaying as a seductive and dangerous character, with a fitted dress, high heels, and a long coat.
  6. Steampunk Gunslinger: Combine the Western and steampunk genres by cosplaying as a steampunk gunslinger, incorporating Victorian-inspired clothing, goggles, and steampunk accessories.
  7. Post-Apocalyptic Survivor: Create a cosplay inspired by post-apocalyptic Westerns, with tattered clothing, leather armor, gas masks, and makeshift weapons.
  8. Space Cowboy: Put a futuristic twist on the Western genre by cosplaying as a space cowboy, with a blend of Western and sci-fi elements, such as a futuristic cowboy hat, space-themed clothing, and laser weapons.
  9. Zombified Western Character: Give a spooky twist to a Western character by cosplaying as a zombie cowboy or cowgirl, with torn and bloody clothing, pale makeup, and undead accessories.
  10. Frontiersperson: Dress up as a rugged frontiersperson, resembling a pioneer or settler from the Old West. Wear practical clothing like a brimmed hat, work shirt, trousers, and boots.
  11. Western Outlaw: Emulate the style of an outlaw or bandit from the Wild West, with a duster coat, cowboy hat, boots, and rugged clothing. Customize the costume with accessories like a bandana, spurs, or a gun belt.
  12. Western Gambler: Channel the charm of a Western gambler or cardsharp, with a tailored suit, vest, dress shirt, tie, and a wide-brimmed hat. Add a deck of cards or a poker chip as a prop.
  13. Pioneer Homesteader: Portray a pioneer homesteader, dressed in modest clothing like a bonnet, long dress, apron, and sensible shoes. Carry a basket or farming tools as props.
  14. Western Saloon Patron: Dress as a patron of a Western saloon, wearing a Victorian-style dress or a three-piece suit, along with accessories like a top hat, parasol, or a pocket watch.
  15. Western Movie Character: Cosplay as a beloved character from a Western movie, such as The Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood), Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne), or any other iconic figure that resonates with you. 


If you want to portray a specific character check out these more traditional options:

  1. The Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood) from the "Dollars Trilogy" (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).
  2. Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) from the movie "True Grit."
  3. Jesse James, the notorious outlaw from American history.
  4. Annie Oakley, the legendary sharpshooter and performer.
  5. Calamity Jane, a frontier woman and Wild West figure.
  6. Doc Holliday, the legendary gambler and gunslinger from the Old West.
  7. Belle Starr, a notorious female outlaw from the American Old West.
  8. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the famous outlaw duo.
  9. Josie Wales (Clint Eastwood) from the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales."
  10. Billy the Kid, the legendary gunslinger and outlaw.
  11. Wyatt Earp, a lawman and key figure in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
  12. Black Bart, a notorious stagecoach robber from the Wild West.
  13. Wild Bill Hickok, a legendary lawman and gunslinger.
  14. Bass Reeves, the first African American deputy U.S. Marshal.
  15. Buffalo Bill Cody, the famous showman and Wild West figure.

Doesn't have to be a character from American folklore or films either. I have dressed up as Johnny Cash (The Man in Black) multiple times. Thus Country Western singers are also on the table, including people like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

 And here's some more nerdy options:

  1. Jonah Hex: The disfigured bounty hunter from DC Comics known for his supernatural encounters.
  2. Preacher: Jesse Custer, the Texas preacher with supernatural abilities from the comic book series "Preacher."
  3. Deadlands: Choose from various characters in the horror-themed tabletop role-playing game, such as the Blessed, the Harrowed, or the Huckster.
  4. Han Solo: The charismatic smuggler and pilot from the "Star Wars" franchise.
  5. Mal Reynolds: The captain of the spaceship Serenity from the TV show "Firefly."
  6. Spike Spiegel: The bounty hunter and main character from the anime series "Cowboy Bebop."
  7. The Gunslinger (Roland Deschain): The protagonist of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series, blending elements of fantasy and Western.
  8. Red Harlow: The main character from the video game "Red Dead Revolver."
  9. The Lone Ranger: The masked hero from various media, fighting injustice in the Old West.
  10. Lilith (Lady Six Sky): A mystical gunslinger and protector of the innocent from the comic book series "Pretty Deadly."
  11. Hexe: A voodoo priestess with supernatural powers from the comic book series "Hexed."
  12. Zoe Washburne: The skilled and resilient first mate of the spaceship Serenity from the TV show "Firefly."
  13. Angelica: A vampire hunter from the comic book series "American Vampire."
  14. Lilith Sullivan: The creepy, possessed young girl from the movie "Jonah Hex."
  15. Lady Mechanika: The steampunk cyborg detective and adventurer from the comic book series of the same name.
  16. Abigail Ashe: The sky pirate captain from the video game "Guns of Icarus Online."
  17. Revy: The dangerous and skilled gunslinger from the anime and manga series "Black Lagoon."
  18. Regina Belmont: The protagonist of the video game "Dino Crisis: Gun Survivor," mixing Western and survival horror elements.
  19. Any of the characters from Westworld.


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