Peasant Magazine is Open for Submissions

Attention all brave adventurers and cunning rogues! Do you have a tale to tell that will enthrall the masses? Do you dream of sharing your epic feats with the world? Look no further than Peasant Magazine, a literary journal seeking submissions of fantasy short stories and historical fiction set pre-1750.

Peasant Magazine is a literary treasure trove, where the mightiest heroes and most devious villains can share their tales of conquest and triumph. It's a place where Dungeons and Dragons players can show off their skills at weaving tales of magic, monsters, and adventure. The magazine celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and is eager to receive submissions from writers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

If you have a fantasy short story that takes readers on a thrilling adventure through a world of magic and wonder, then Peasant Magazine is the perfect platform to share your epic tale. Whether it's a story about a band of adventurers battling a fearsome dragon or a cunning rogue using wit and guile to outsmart their foes, Peasant Magazine wants to hear about it!

And for those of you who love to delve into the history of fantasy realms, Peasant Magazine is also seeking historical fiction set in the pre-1750 period. From tales of medieval knights fighting for honor and glory, to stories of intrigue and betrayal in the courts of kings and queens, Peasant Magazine is the perfect place to share your passion for history and storytelling.

Submitting your story to Peasant Magazine is as easy as rolling a natural 20. Simply head to their website and follow the submission guidelines. Be sure to polish your work to perfection and make sure it aligns with the magazine's requirements before submitting. And don't forget to check out past issues of the magazine for inspiration and to get a feel for the kind of stories Peasant Magazine publishes.

If your story is selected for publication, you'll not only get to share your tale with a wider audience, but you'll also receive compensation for your contribution. Plus, think of the bragging rights you'll have as a published author in a literary magazine that celebrates fantasy and historical fiction!

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your quills, don your adventuring gear, and submit your fantasy short story or historical fiction set pre-1750 to Peasant Magazine. Join the ranks of legendary storytellers and show the world what you're made of!

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