Lego Creations - Volume I

 Lately I have been building a variety of things out of Lego with my son Richard. Here's some of the things we have built:

#1 Yellow Dragon

This particular dragon is highly articulated and has a variety of moving parts.

  • Articulated tail that moves in three different places.
  • Articulated wings and wing bones that move.
  • Articulated neck.
  • Articulated jaw/teeth that opens and closes.

Really the only thing that doesn't move is the torso and legs. But maybe I can fix that in a future version.

The knight / dragonslayer with the lance goes well with it.

#2. Yellow Construction Vehicle

I built this a few days ago, and because my son likes to have "speed boosters" on everything this particular vehicle comes with a rocket on the rear. The shovel, tracks and the cabin all move.

Note: I am apparently going with a colour theme today: Yellow, Orange and Red!

#3. Orange Monster Truck

Asides from the abundance of flames coming out of this fiery monster truck (again with "speed boosters" on the rear) this particular monster truck benefits from some very large shocks and an elastic band on the bottom so it can go over rough terrain.

#4. Red Racecar / Rocket-Powered Dragster

One part Formula 1 racecar, one part dragster, one part rocket.


I can tell when my son really likes something. It is when he doesn't immediately break it within the first 5 to 20 minutes of playing with.

Eg. The Yellow Dragon got destroyed within the first 5 minutes. I asked Richard why he broke it and he claimed the Lego guys were hungry and wanted to eat it, and also because he thought the dragon was too scary.

The Orange Monster truck lasted about a week before being broken.

The Yellow Construction Vehicle and the Red Racecar are both still holding together.

I have more Volumes of these Lego Creations to show in the future (more photos of past work), but I decided to only post these for now because I ended up going for an Autumn colours theme of red-orange-yellow.

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