Cryomancy Spells for 1st/2nd Edition AD&D

Custom Cryomancy Spells

Ice Scimitar (Conjuration)

Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None

Also known as Blizzard Scimitar this ancient spell is popular amongst Blizzards (ice wizards) in Korovia and dates back to the early bronze age when the spell was first created, after the First Demon War. The spell conjures a magical scimitar made of para elemental ice (para elemental ice is immune to melting) and imbues the caster temporarily with the proficiency skill to wield it. (And only it. It does not confer the ability to use all scimitars.)

The razor sharp ice scimitar deals 2d4 damage per hit, counts as a magical weapon, and can parry (or be parried) by spells like Flame Blade. It deals a combination of ice and slicing damage, but can also be used to pierce or stab opponents and objects. Creatures composed of fire or mostly of fire take an additional 1d4 cold damage when hit by the ice scimitar.

Someone under the effects of a Resist Cold (or similar protection) suffers 1 point less damage.

If a Blizzard casts this particular spell and has successfully gone through all three transformation rituals to become a full Blizzard then the duration of the spell lasts twice as long.

Unlike many cryomancy spells which often require a bit of ice or snow to cast, this spell does not require any such material components. It is considered by cryomancers and Blizzards to be "a staple spell" which can be useful in a variety of situations.

This particular spell appears in Charles Moffat's March 2020 book: "The Blizzard's Daughter" which is available in paperback and ebook formats.

More Cryomancy Spells

The following spells are from a third party source: Dragon Magazine

Chill (Evocation)
1st  level
Range:  30’
Components:  V S
Duration:  2-5  rounds
Casting  Time:  1
Area  of  Effect:  One  creature
Saving  Throw:  Negates

This spell creates an area of intense cold  around  the  target,  causing  it  to shiver  regardless  of  how  much  clothing or fur is worn. For the duration of the spell,  the  target  moves  at  half-speed  and suffers a -2 penalty on attack and damage  rolls  provided  he  fails  a  saving throw  vs.  magic.  An  interesting  side-effect of the chill spell is that, if it is cast on a target under the effects of a chill metal spell,  the  target  suffers  a  -2  penalty  on  Armor  Class  as  well.  Note  that  a resist  cold  spell  (or  any  other  related  protective  magic)  prevents  this  from working.

Snow  Tread (Alteration,   Enchantment)
2nd  level
Range:  10’
Components:  V,  S,  M
Duration: 1 hour per level
Casting  Time:  5
Area  of  Effect:  One  creature  per  level
Saving  Throw:  None

This  rather  simple  but  valuable  spell allows  those  affected  to  tread  through snow  without  fear  of  slipping  and  at their  normal  movement  rate,  thus  making it possible for the recipients to travel through  terrain  covered  with  ice  and snow  without  being  bogged  down (ignore  modifiers  for  snow  when  determining  the  daily  movement  rate  for  the party, including the approximate time needed to complete the trip). Another benefit  offered  by  this  spell  is  that  it makes  it  harder  for  others  to  follow  the party, for it magically brushes snow into the tracks behind them (-3 penalty on top of all other tracking modifiers). Up  to  five  creatures  can  be  affected by the snow tread spell, plus one additional creature per level of the caster over 5th level (a total of 10, maximum). The  material  component  of  the  spell  is the  snow  or  ice  that  is  to  be  traversed,  in which  the  caster  traces  the  last  words  of the spell (a sure sign that the spell is in effect  is  that  the  traced  words  are  swept away  by  its  magic).

Freezefire (Alteration)
3rd  level
Range:  5’  per  level
Components:  V,  S
Duration:   Special
Casting  Time:  3
Area  of  Effect:  Special
Saving  Throw:  Special

Freezefire  is  an  unusual  spell  that allows the caster to freeze one or more fires  within  range,  whether  natural  or magical,  into  inert  blue  ice,  thus  allowing  it  to  be  touched  or  handled  without harm. Up to one 5’ x 5’ sphere of flame (normal  or  magical)  is  transformed  into blue  ice  for  every  four  experience  levels, and  its  duration  is  permanent  with regard  to  normal  fire.  As  for  magical  fire,it is affected in the following ways: If it hasn’t manifested yet (e.g., a fireball flying through the air), it stays inert for 3-5 rounds   (the   aforementioned   fireball would  fall  to  the  ground  as  a  lifeless lump of ice and sulfur); If the magical fire  is  already  in  effect  (e.g.,  a  wall  of  fire),the spell causes it (or a part of it, if it is too large for the caster to affect completely) to turn to blue ice for the space of 1 round per level of the caster. While frozen,  it  can  be  physically  touched,even  broken,  without  ruining  the  spell. Thus, part of a wall of fire that has been frozen  could  be  broken  down  and  one could  pass  through  unscathed,  while  the frozen  lump  that  was  a  fireball  could  be picked  up  and  thrown  a  few  rounds  later for  the  usual  effects.  It  doesn’t  affect  fire-based  spells  of  5th  level  or  higher,  nor does  it  prevent  a  dragon  or  chimera from breathing flame unless it was cast1  round  previously.  In  that  case,  the creature is allowed a saving throw vs.spell to resist its effects, and, if the save is  failed,  it  is  unable  to  breathe  flame  for 2-3  rounds.

Ice  Claws (Conjuration,  Evocation) 
3rd  level
Range:  0
Components:  V,  S,  M
Duration:  1  round  per  level
Casting  Time:  3
Area  of  Effect:  The  caster
Saving  Throw:  None

Casting this spell brings into being a disembodied  pair  of  icy,  clawed  hands,totally under the control of the caster.The  caster  can  attack  twice  per  round with  these  claws  as  a  fighter  half  his level,  causing  1-3  hp  damage  each  plus an  additional  1-4  hp  cold  damage (those  with  resistance  to  cold  suffer  no additional  damage  from  the  cold).  They can  be  used  to  attack  someone  up  to  30yards away from the caster, and on a natural  roll  of  20  the  claw(s)  have secured a hold on the target, causing automatic  claw  and  cold  damage  every round  thereafter.  The  material  component  of  this  spell  is  a  pair  of  crystal  claws connected to a small brass chain, all of which is worth 5 gp.


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