The Demon's Pawn on Sale

January 5th 2020.

Starting today / January 5th and ending January 12th my book "The Demon's Pawn" is on sale on Amazon Kindle.

I published it under the pseudonym "Frederic King", but later in 2020 I will be dropping the pseudonym in favour of using my own name.

Sometime in 2020 I will be updating the book with the new cover, shown further below, and releasing the Second Edition version of the book. (And releasing a paperback of the Second Edition version.)

But for those people who want to read the First Edition version the book is on sale starting Jan. 5th until Jan 12th 2020.

Young Katya Yerovik has been raised in an elven monastery almost as long as she can remember... and her memories before then haunt her as nightmares about her father and herself being chased by a red-eyed horse with fiery hooves. When she reaches adulthood she sets out traveling west towards the Holy City of Kost to try and find her father. Armed with a bow, a sword and some rusty splintmail she faces the dangers of the road.

But unknown to Katya she has been a pawn in a game of chess from since before she was born, and the player is none other than the demon prince Varaziak who has set his sights on the Holy City of Kost...

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