A Hound Named Hunter FREE

Greetings Fans!

My short story "A Hound Named Hunter", which is a story of time traveling wolfhound, will be free on Amazon Kindle every Saturday in January 2020 + Saturday February 1st.

I love a good time paradox, but I also grew up reading stories about collies - Lassie books, and also the collie books of Albert Payson Terhune. Small surprise, I grew up and wrote a story about a time traveling dog.

As dog breeds go the "Korovian Wolfhound" is most similar to the Korean Chindo Kae, which shares similarities with border collies, except they are often white. They are often smaller, but when I lived in South Korea I once saw one that was as big as a German Shepherd.

A mysterious wolfhound is found on the banks of the Dangarn River, north of the tiny village of Dangarn. The dog's injuries are profound, but he makes a rapid recovery and his incredible intelligence belies a mystery surrounding his origins. Wild beasts and orc raiders roam the woods to the north, underlying the fears of the villagers that something more sinister lurks in the woods to the north...

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