Adventurers League Dungeons and Dragons - Logbook

Yesterday I joined Adventurers League, an offshoot of Dungeons and Dragons which hosts organized events of D&D.

#1. January 3rd 2017.

The quest the first DM ran was: Secrets of Sokol Keep. The game ended up being a bit rushed because the store was closing at 10 PM and we needed to pack up in a hurry and rush the ending of the game. Got some nice gold from the quest, 450 XP and leveled up, but that was it. The quest was essentially a "find the missing people" goal on an island with an ancient lighthouse.

The game was hosted at Dueling Grounds (1193 Bloor Street West, Toronto).

#2. January 4th 2017.

Since I wanted to dive into this whole experience I immediately went back for more the next day, this time going to a different location: Face to Face Games (2077a Danforth Ave, Toronto).

This time a different DM ran a series of 3 adventures from Treasure of the Broken Hoard, which is a longer quest that is split into 5 parts. We completed parts 1, 2, and 5. Not that much gold this time around, but I did gain a Healing Potion, 300 XP (100 XP for each of the three parts we completed), a few small non-magical items, and "Blooddrinker the Bear".

As you can see Blooddrinker is essentially useless in combat because she is the little bigger than a kitten, but might be useful for other things - like fetching items. I am thinking of training her to become a dancing bear. I am undecided. Dancing seems more like an embarrassing punishment for a bear that used to eat people, but is now cursed and shrunk into a tiny version of her former self. It is a shame I am not playing a wizard, I could have taken Blooddrinker to be my familiar. Oh well.

Clearly this bear is being punished.

The next game I am planning to go to is on January 10th, back at Dueling Grounds again. Followed by another game on Jan. 11th at Face to Face. I shall try to remember to update this page in the future on January 12th after attending those two games.


So the game on January 10th was cancelled because the DM apparently felt he didn't have time to be running it. So they didn't have enough DMs for the extra players, and so no game for us.

#3. January 11th 2017.

Back at Face to Face again. This time with a different DM. Our group arrives at an abandoned village. We kill some worgs and some goblins. The combat took a lot longer than expected.
We looted part of the place. Found a strange woman hiding upstairs in the inn. Found a chest with dwarven armour and gems in it.

#4. January 18th 2017.

Still at Face to Face and still at the village. Destroyed a ghost-type undead. Killed more goblins. A group of riders arrived in the village. We don't know who they are but they seem powerful and suspicious. We are in no condition to fight them so we rest for the night. We awake in the morning and discover that they have executed the town guards who were hiding in the keep... clearly we should be doing something to stop these people. Just then a giant pack of orcs attack the town. My character Wrathgar raises the drawbridge partially but some of them still get in to the town. Combat ensues. We were grossly outnumbered by the orcs but manage to hold our own thanks to the drawbridge. The strange riders shoot arrows and help us, but it is becoming pretty obvious that they are actually Zhentarim. And we should probably arrest them for murder or kill them if they resist.

 #5. January 24th 2017.

One of the players in a group at Dueling Grounds dropped out and I got a seat there.

Thus I joined a slightly higher level group of adventurers as they were journeying from one town to another. On the way we encountered two hill giants and five ogres. We also found a giant mythral spear tip that weighs 75 lbs. Oh and I gained a riding saddle. But no horse. But I did use Animal Friendship on a buzzard, so I now have a 2nd pet for the time being. The spell wears off in 24 hours, but perhaps I can keep casting it regularly and feed it so it sticks around.

To be continued...

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