5th Edition D&D Charging and Body Slam House Rule

Charging House Rule Vs the Charger Feat

Under the House Rule, Dashing in a straight line 15 feet or more allows the individual to use their bonus action to make one melee weapon attack or to shove a creature 5 feet.

Depending on the circumstances the DM *may* also give you the individual Advantage on their attack or shove.

The Charger Feat allows the individual to to charge 10 feet in a straight line, but also gains +5 on their damage if their attack succeeds, or they can shove 10 feet instead of the usual 5.

An individual with the Charger Feat also has the option to do a Body Slam Attack, which both shoves the opponent and deals damage. To do a Body Slam, they must succeed at both hitting their opponent, and successfully shoving them. If the attack misses, the shove automatically fails.

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