The Best Dungeon Magazine Adventure Modules

According to various sources the following are the best adventure modules published in Dungeon Magazine. What I have done here is amalgamated multiple lists made by other people and organizations (issue 116 list, issue 150 list, Joshua Goudreau's list, W.E.Ray's list) and then created a master list organized by Issue #.

If you have your own favourites, add your own list to the comments section further below.

✮ appeared in one list.
✮✮ appeared in two lists.
✮✮✮ appeared in three lists.

1: Into the Fire (AD&D) ✮✮
37: The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb (AD&D 2E) ✮✮
10: Threshold of Evil (AD&D) ✮
18: Chadranther’s Bane (AD&D 2E) ✮
19: House of Cards (AD&D 2E) ✮✮
24: Thunder Under Needlespire (AD&D 2E) ✮✮
25: A Rose for Talakara (AD&D 2E) ✮
29: Ex Libris (AD&D 2E) ✮
33: Siege of Kratys Freehold (AD&D 2E) ✮
35: Twilight's Last Gleaming (AD&D 2E) ✮
37/138: The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb (AD&D 2E) ✮✮
41: Old Man Katan and the (Incredible Marching) Mushroom Band (AD&D 2E) ✮
42: The Lady of the Mists (AD&D 2E) ✮✮
55: Umbra (AD&D 2E) ✮
59: Seeking Bloodsilver (AD&D 2E) ✮
61: Nightswarm (AD&D 2E) ✮
62: Dragon's Delve (AD&D 2E) ✮
63: Hunt for a Hierophant (AD&D 2E) ✮
64: Last Dance (AD&D 2E) ✮
65: The Ice Tyrant (AD&D 2E) ✮
69: Slave Vats of the Yuan Ti (AD&D 2E) ✮
70: Kingdom of Ghouls (AD&D 2E) ✮✮✮
70: Kingdom of Ghouls (AD&D 2E) ✮✮✮
73: Eye of Myrkul, Mere of Dead Men part 5 (AD&D 2E) ✮
74: Preemptive Strike (AD&D 2E) ✮
75: The Forgotten Man (AD&D 2E) ✮✮
78: Lear, Giant King (AD&D 2E) ✮
84: The Harrowing (D&D 3E) ✮✮
92: Interlopers of Ruun Khazai (D&D 3E) ✮
95: Porphyry House Horror (D&D 3E) ✮✮
97: Life’s Bazaar, Shackled City part 1 (D&D 3E) ✮
100: The Lich-Queen’s Beloved (D&D 3.5) ✮
100: Beast of Burden (D&D 3.5) ✮✮
102: Zenith Trajectory (D&D 3.5) ✮
106: Tammeraut's Fate (D&D 3.5) ✮
111: Lords of Oblivion, Shackled City part 7 (D&D 3.5) ✮
112: Maure Castle (D&D 3.5) ✮✮✮
117: Touch of the Abyss, Istivin part 1 (D&D 3.5) ✮✮
121: The Styes (D&D 3.5) ✮✮✮
121: Fiend's Embrace (D&D 3.5) ✮
112: Maure Castle (D&D 3.5) ✮✮✮
122: Root of Evil (D&D 3.5) ✮
124: The Whispering Cairn, Age of Worms part 1 (D&D 3.5) ✮
131: The Prince of Redhand, Age of Worms part 8 (D&D 3.5) ✮
132: Library of Last Resort, Age of Worms part 9 (D&D 3.5) ✮
134: Into the Wormcrawl Fissure, Age of Worms part 11 (D&D 3.5) ✮
134: And Madness Follows (D&D 3.5) ✮
135: Dawn of a New Age, Age of Worms part 12 (D&D 3.5) ✮
139: There is No Honor, Savage Tide part 1 (D&D 3.5) ✮
140: Heart of Hellfire Mountain (D&D 3.5) ✮
156: Last Breaths of Ashenport (D&D 4E) ✮


Issue 150 was the last issue produced by WotC and Dungeon Magazine was sold to Paizo Publishing (Polyhedron Magazine, etc). The quality of the writing in Dungeon Magazine went down dramatically after that and it is small surprise only one of the adventures made it into anyone's list of "best adventures". Many people also boycotted 4th edition - and to some extent some people also now boycott 5th edition, despite it being a vast improvement over 4th - not because 5th edition is bad or sub par, simply because some gamers have moved on to Pathfinder and other games, or they have gone retro and are now playing 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition (or OSRIC) because those are the classics.

Paizo also shortened the magazine to approx. 70 pages instead of 80 to 90 pages that was typical of Dungeon Magazines under WotC. (If you go back further in history, under TSR, the magazine was close to 60 to 70 pages - but the quality of the writing was so much better back then and graphics was kept to a minimum, whereas now the magazine relies more on advertising, graphics and artwork to fill pages.)

All of the older Dungeon Magazines can be downloaded in PDF format for free from

121: The Styes (D&D 3.5) ✮✮✮

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