Sean Connery is a ham actor 2

If you have any doubts that Sean Connery is a ham actor, then please watch the trailer for the 1974 film "Zardoz". See the trailer further below.

It is undoubtedly Connery's worst film ever.

If you are still not convinced, read Sean Connery is a ham actor.

Eventually after seeing enough bad Sean Connery roles in movies you will realize that he really only showed up, said his lines, and wasn't actually that good at putting any emotion into his acting roles.

Now I understand some people get really upset when I say "Sean Connery is a ham actor", but honestly, I am not saying this to hurt your feelings. I am saying in an effort to teach people the difference between good acting and bad acting. Watch the trailer for Zardoz and you will realize Sean Connery really has almost no acting skill and is really just hired for his looks and accent.

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