Outcast, 2014 film

"Outcast" is a 2014 medieval action / fantasy film starring Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen (aka young Darth Vader). It did not receive a lot of press when it was released to theatres internationally in September 2014 - which usually indicates that the film isn't very good.

The release in North America was delayed until February 6th - the dead time of the year in North America - and likewise has received very little press. Judging by the lack of press coverage for the film and the February release this film is probably doomed to be a financial catastrophe.

Since his role as Darth Vader, Hayden Christensen has had a dismal career - appearing in a long list of B quality movies and even earning a Golden Raspberry for Worst Screen Combo in 2007.

The new film does however have a redeeming feature - the action sequences shown in the trailers suggest a film that has lots of good action, even if the plot looks horrible. The clip below shows a scene from the film in which the main actors are shown teaching archery. Likely this scene was added to the film due to all of the fuss about archery movies in recent years.



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