The Robot of Sherwood

"The Robot of Sherwood" is the 3rd episode of season 8 of Doctor Who...

And I cannot help but think, how nerdy is that episode?

I haven't even seen it, but I know it combines Robin Hood, robots and Doctor Who - so it has to be pretty damn nerdy.

I mean, com'on, Doctor Who is so nerdy I decided to give it its own category. But tossing robots AND Robin Hood into the mix? Well that is just a trifecta right there (huzzah, horsebetting analogies!).

I think Netflix has Doctor Who on there so I should be able to watch the episode on there, except this particular episode came out in September 2014 so I might have to wait until Summer 2015 before the episode is finally is available on Netflix.

The trailer for "The Robot of Sherwood" on YouTube:


So I got to watch the episode finally, I won't spoil it for anyone but I definitely enjoyed it. :)

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