A Tribute to True Gamers

The following is a tribute to the sportsmanship of True Gamers.

#1. A true gamer lends you their dice when you forgot yours.

#2. A true gamer risks their character's life to save yours when yours is about to be eaten by a dragon.

#3. A true gamer takes the lead while exploring a dungeon after the thief gets incapacitated.

#4. A true gamer has their character climb into a pit to save your character from snakes after yours fell and was knocked unconscious.

#5. A true gamer volunteers to help new players make a character for the game (whether the game be Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars D20, Rifts or even Big Eyes Small Mouth).

#6. A true gamer has their character lend yours their +2 sword when your character breaks or loses their weapon.

#7. A true gamer plays along with your character's ridiculous backstory and social antics, even at the detriment to their own character, because it makes the game more fun than sulking in the corner.

#8. A true gamer has their character lend yours gold pieces in order to buy better armour, weapons or spells.

#9. A true gamer chips in cash for food for everyone or brings food for everyone with them.

#10. A true gamer aspires to do the things listed above and many more, even though they are sometimes held back by lack of cash, lack of gold, lack of hit points, poor Armour Class, and a character back story marked with cowardice, fear of heights, fear of dragons, etc.

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