Food is like religion

Food is like religion. You are raised with it, eventually you choose to either stick with what you were raised with or change to something different. Most people choose not to change simply because they like what they were raised with and have never known anything different. Traveling overseas, trying new foods, visiting ancient temples from around the world - these experiences broaden the mind to new things.

With respect to sausages it would really depend on how many people could watch pigs being slaughtered, watch sausages being made, and then still feel hungry for sausages afterwards. It really depends on what they love more: The pig, or the sausages.

To which the chubby nerd then responds:

"Mmm bacon..."


Partially because the nerd has probably watched way too many Simpsons episodes, but also because they feel bacon perfectly epitomizes their love of meat. They would never give up meat eating because they love bacon so much. (A vegan or vegetarian would never understand that because they simply don't share the love of bacon, and thus will be confused by the response of "Mmm bacon..." This failure to connect with omnivores who love bacon is part of the whole food feud between vegans and omnivores.)

The pig? Sorry piggy, but you are far too tasty for your own good.

Thankfully we also know that bacon is unhealthy for us, so we tend to eat bacon in low dosages.

And I guess we should also be thankful that Coca-Cola has yet to come out with bacon flavoured cola.

In the end trying to convince people to change their eating habits is a bit like trying to get them to change their religion. If I told my mother to stop eating bacon because of her health she would just ignore me - partially because she knows I love bacon too, but also because she loves bacon too.

I would have just as much luck trying to convince my mother to "not celebrate Christmas this year". Why? Because she loves Christmas. She might not go to church, but celebrating the pagan holiday of Christmas is something she would never give up.

Bacon and paganism.

I think from now on whenever I encounter someone trying to encourage me to change religions (I am not religious) I will simply say "Mmm bacon..." and whenever someone tries to convince me to stop eating meat I will respond with "Mmm Christmas..."

The truth is bacon and Christmas both make me fat, but that isn't going to encourage me to stop eating Christmas dinners or bacon.

And the cute little piggy who is so yummy and tasty? Sorry little guy, but you're getting made into sausages, bacon and pork chops.

And this is not meant as a slap in the face to the vegans out there trying to push their "food religion". This is an upholding of my own little food religion.

The Church of Bacon.

It goes well with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread.

Don't like other people's "food religion"...? Deal with it. Keep it to yourself. Don't go pushing your agenda on others.

The "Mmm bacon..." response to vegans is actually a fair minded one. It sums up simply the concept that you love bacon, will never give it up, that bacon is your "food religion", and that nothing other people can say or do will change the fact that you will continue to have a special place in your heart for bacon.

Let us just hope you don't overdose on it however and get heart disease.

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