Food is like religion, part 2 - Vegan Nerd Foods

See my previous post, Food is like religion which basically delves into topics like the Church of Bacon.

When it comes to vegans and other non-meat eaters however what you find is that it truly is like a religion for them. For the vast majority of vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, etc is that their primary motivation for being a vegan/etc is that they are doing so for ethical reasons, namely their love of animals.

For vegans their love of animals extends so far that they won't even have animal byproducts, whether it be eggs, milk, honey or even food colouring made from insects (apparently there is a red food colouring made from the crushed shells of beetles).

As part of my search for Nerdy Foods I have therefore decided to devote this page Vegan Nerd Foods...

And I am separating this into two parts, One - Nerd Foods you can purchase at a restaurant, and Two - Nerd Foods you can make at home.

Part One - Restaurant Nerd Foods

Exhibit A - Veggie Burgers - Honestly you cannot get much more nerdy than a hamburger. Nerds love their hamburgers, so being able to have a veggie burger ranks up there.

Exhibit B - Smoothies - Who doesn't like smoothies??? eg. Rawlicious is a raw food restaurant in Toronto which sells a huge variety of smoothies made out of nutmilk. So nutmilk, various ingredients for flavour = very tasty and nutritious.

Exhibit C - Specialty Desserts - Nerds have a sweet tooth, so to use the example of Rawlicious again they also sell desserts like macaroons, cinnamon snowballs and cheesecake. Not very healthy in some cases, but still healthier than the average nerd who lives in his parents' basement and eats Cheetos daily.

Smoothies from Rawlicious
Part Two - Homemade Nerd Foods

Exhibit A - Vegan Drop Scones - I found these on the website and they look both easy to make (great because nerds are lazy) and delicious. is apparently a food oriented nerd website. Sound familiar? Their website apparently has a bigger emphasis on food than mine does, whereas mine has more emphasis on nerd culture. The recipe for vegan drop scones is on their website here.

Exhibit B - Scallion Buttermilk Biscuits - I am noticing a trend here. Nerd foods tend to be in the shape of cookies... coincidence? I think not! I found the recipe for Scallion Buttermilk Biscuits on "vegan nerd love". So there are apparently plenty of other foodist nerds out there. Now if only they used Darth Vader cookie cutters to shape them...

Exhibit C - Homemade Smoothie - This is easily my favourite choice when at home. Strawberries, bananas, milk or nutmilk (I am not a vegan so I don't mind normal milk in my food). I also sometimes toss in some yogurt or ice cream. To each their own.


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