Miior and Estrel 2nd Edition Stats

Miior and Estrel are henchmen that the PCs can gain when playing "The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar", a classic Dungeons and Dragons adventure module created by Ed Greenwood. I have run the module twice so far and I am a firm believer that I will do so again.

Because one of the times I ran "The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar" I modded it so it was set in Korovia I also created detailed stats for the two characters for that campaign since they both became henchmen. Those stats are now effectively canonical with respect to my Korovia Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Thus for record keeping purposes I have decided to create an online backup of those stats, in case I ever need their stats for a future campaign and don't have access to my laptop at the time.

The stats below are therefore essentially for my personal use, and they make use of various house rules from my campaign. Eg. Like how I convert THAC0 into a bonus to hit because many younger players have difficulty understanding how THAC0 works, and also the matter of "Bonus Skills" on very specific esoteric topics. I also use Comeliness, an outdated stat that is rarely used by DMs any more, but I find it adds an enjoyable alternative to Charisma which has valuable roleplaying potential.

Note also that I have kept the original basic stats as set down by Ed Greenwood in the 2nd Edition module.

As a DM I find henchmen to be exceptionally useful for roleplaying purposes, but also as backup characters that the players can play in the event that their PC is knocked unconscious, captured, dead, etc. See also:

Henchemen stealing the glory? Or just supporting cast?

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